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Antonio López Rosell

About me

I am a sociologist who was born and raised in vibrant Madrid. So far, my professional life has been defined by a variety of different projects as both a researcher and entrepreneur. It’s this combination that’s helped me to find my niche in quantitative research and data science. What motivates me most about my role as professor is being able to share knowledge with my students—after all, I learn a lot from them, too. When I’m not teaching, researching or working on a freelance project, you’ll find me writing songs or singing in one of my bands.

Entrepreneurship, research and redefining success

Despite being a little older, and maybe a bit more talkative, Antonio López believes that he is on the same level as his students. He may be able to inspire them and influence their perspectives, but he is equally as impressed by their academic ability and maturity.

He joined IE University as Adjunct Professor of Fundamentals of Data Analysis in 2019. Like many students, Antonio was attracted to the school by the variety of programs that were on offer, some of which he wishes he could have studied himself when he was at university. And his experience so far has certainly lived up to his expectations. He is impressed by the strong sense of cultural diversity, as well as by his fellow professors who he finds humble, committed and respectful.

Antonio teaches subjects related to data science and programming, emerging skills that are increasingly in demand in the workplace. According to him, an employee who can extract relevant information through data management and develop apps which improve efficiency is gold dust for any company. And that’s what he wants to transmit and inspire in his students.

But Antonio hasn’t always worked in academia. In fact, he is on a relatively new journey. He’s taught at private schools and trained employees in companies before, but being a professor at a university is a new experience for him.

Since completing his studies, Antonio’s career path has alternated between research and entrepreneurship—two passions that he is not ready to put to one side yet. From 2014 to 2015, he worked as a Social Researcher at the European Social Fund. A few projects later, he made his first foray into entrepreneurship, co-founding a software company called Wibber, which opened his eyes to the world of business and made a permanent impact on his life.

After the project came to a close, Antonio started leading in-company training sessions and seminars about the AI world and the transformation that it brings. Alongside this, he also acts as a business consultant and mentor within companies and accelerators like The Coca-Cola Company and the Founder Institute.

Antonio feels like he has learned a lot from teaching—most importantly having the opportunity to develop his communication skills. He’s also been able to carry those essential skills over to his personal life. As a singer in two bands, he finds that performing shows is the greatest way to express himself and feel completely liberated. For him, music is a space to share and communicate, and there is nothing quite like it in the world.

As with most entrepreneurs, Antonio has given lots of thought to the concept of success. Having worked in intense, high-pressure environments, he’s come to the conclusion that both success and failure are defined by each individual person. He believes that a person is most successful when they take care of themselves, value each moment and show empathy to others. Be happy with what you are doing, and the rest will fall into place.

"I believe that our role as teachers has become more important in the context we are living."
Antonio López Rosell

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