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Mariano Álvarez Diente

About me

I’m Mariano Álvarez Diente and I’m from Spain. My background may surprise you: I studied telecommunications engineering, literary theory, business, and education. I believe that in our modern society, it’s essential to add a human side to everything. My main motivation is to try to do all things with passion and commitment, without ever forgetting who I’m doing them for. Having worked for diverse organizations such as IBM, energy companies, city councils, the national police, and more, I’ve learned to adapt to many different contexts, which I consider very enriching. In my spare time, I love being creative, indulging in delicious food, and taking part in cultural activities.

Be capable to adapt to change, able to face the future and have the capacity for innovation

Mariano Álvarez Diente is a telecommunications professor at IE University. After completing a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications engineering and literary theory, he earned not one but three master’s degrees: one in telecommunications, one in philological studies and professional/business applications, and one in education. With this extensive academic background under his belt, Mariano went on to wear many different hats in many different industries. He’s taught classes, worked in the IT training department at IBM, and helped develop IT projects from ideation to implementation.

Now, he brings his expertise to the classroom at IE University, where he has been teaching for a decade. He considers this opportunity a privilege, stating he has “witnessed its spectacular growth in all areas” and that “its capacity for innovation, its agility to adapt to change, and its ability to face the future is truly cutting-edge.” He notes that the real reason he does what he does is to make an impact on the students, who he is utterly committed to.

When it comes to teaching methodologies, Mariano believes that one of the best gifts a student can receive is a good combination of a college education complemented by the professional experience that someone with business knowledge can bring to the classroom. Mariano uses case studies to put students in companies’ shoes, thinking about how to solve the everyday problems that businesses face. He believes this methodology is excellent preparation for when they’re the ones making decisions as professionals in their respective roles and industries.


In his free time, Mariano loves to read—mainly novels and essays. He’s currently most interested in the topic of technology and the future of humanity. He also enjoys music and painting: he visits museums and attends concerts on a regular basis. Lastly, he adores trying new foods, and believes we can learn about the different cultures of the world through the colors, smells, and flavors of their cuisine.

Mariano has a few tips for students. Most importantly, he urges them to enjoy the journey. Work hard. Don’t worry if things don’t go well the first time. Be yourselves, try to work as a team and trust the work of others. Believe in what you’re doing and go after it.

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