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Carlos de la Pedraja


Carlos de la Pedraja


General Manager and Vice Dean of IE Law School


Law and Humanities

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Carlos is the current General Manager and Vice Dean of IE Law School. With expert knowledge of the legal industry, Carlos has worked for over 20 years in transforming the sector, exploring new ways of offering legal services, and developing new professional skills.

Since 2015, Carlos has held the position of General Manager and Vice Dean. Throughout this time, he has played an important role in overseeing the financial structuring and internal management of IE Law School, as well as designing its ongoing strategy, exploring new markets, and securing international partnerships.

Furthermore, Carlos teaches Talent Management courses for several executive programs, as well as Human Resources courses at IE Business School.

Carlos holds a law degree from the University of Oviedo, and completed a Master in Human Resources and a Master in Legal Consultancy at IE Business School.