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Daniel Corsten


Daniel Corsten


Operations & Technology

“How to manage relationships between people, customers and suppliers and organizations in general is at the heart of my work which spans supply chain management, marketing and more recently finance” says Daniel who spent more than a decade investigating business models in different industries such as automotive, software and computers.

“My research shows that collaboration, trust, commitment and rewards are the magic ingredients of any successful relationship – but even punishment can be effective if administered correctly”. Recently, Daniel embarked on a new research initiative to identify new business models at the interface of supply chain and finance. Asked about his new interest in banks he answers: “Because that’s where the money is!”

A founding academic of the Efficient Consumer Response Initiative, the biggest collaborative movement in the world, Daniel has researched and consulted Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Wal-Mart, Migros, Sainsbury and many other consumer and retail companies to help them improve customer service, lower cost, reduce out-of-stock level and create sustainable supply chains.

“Working with a diverse group of students or executives is what I love” says Daniel who – before joining IE – taught or researched at St. Gallen (Switzerland), Bocconi (Italy), INSEAD (France and Singapore), London Business School (UK) and Wharton (USA). He directed many programmes and received several awards for his teaching and his case studies.

Before joining academia Daniel worked for Bayer Leverkusen and AGFA in Germany and the US. “Collaborating with industry to solve burning issues and then bring the solution into the classroom is what I enjoy most” says Daniel a Swiss national who lives with his wife and two boys in Madrid and at the Lake Geneva.

Academic Background

• MSc, University of Cologne

• DBA/PhD, University of St. Gallen

Teaching and Academic Experience

• Visiting associate professor, London Business School

• Associate professor, University of St. Gallen (Switzerland)

• Vice-Director, University of St Gallen’s Institutes of Technology Management and Logistics

• Research interests: retailing, fashion and supply chain management

• Author of several books on supply chain management

• Co-author of the benchmark study on worldwide retail out of stocks

• President of the ECR Research Foundation and editor of the ECR Journal

• Several awards for teaching and case studies in areas that include collaborative management and sustainable supply chains

Corporate Experience

• International marketing manager, Bayer AG (Leverkusen)

• Logistics project manager, Agfa AG (New Jersey)

Latest Publications

• Corsten, D., Gruen, T. (2019). “Onlie Availability”. In Gallino, S. and Moreno, A. (Eds.). Operations in an Omnichannel World. Springer

• Markou, P., Corsten, D., Carduck, C.,  Koblbauer, M. (2018). “Commodity risk management at BMW: price indices and contracts”. In Wendy L Tate, Lydia Bals and Lisa Ellram (Eds.). Supply Chain Finance. Risk management, resilience and supplier management. Koga

• Panos, M., Corsten, D. (2017). “Linking Commodity Price Risk and Operations: Evidence from the Gold Mining Industry”. Foundations and Trends(R) in Technology, Information and Operations Management, Vol. 11 (1-2): 165-185