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Enrique Dans


Enrique Dans


Information Systems & Technology

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Enrique Dans is not afraid to admit he likes to try out every new technological gizmo that comes on to the market. But while this is partly driven by his appetite for gadgets, it also relates of Prof Dans' approach to the study of technology and business, in which it is what exists around him that sparks ideas and theories. “My environment sparks my research, so I want to feel the way the new technology impacts me first”, he says. “And I try to keep my research in close contact with reality. I hate ivory towers”.

Prof Dans is also among those who see blogging as a new and important forum through which to air and exchange academic ideas. He is also an avid consumer of information and keeps up with the latest developments in information systems via dozens of online newspapers and journals.

However, this approach comes as no surprise, since the interests pursued by Prof Dans include the new economy, the effects of technology on consumer behaviour and the consequences of new technological developments for business in general.

His ideas and research on these areas have been published in international magazines and Prof Dans' articles about new technologies and their application to the business world appear regularly in the general and financial press - and, of course, on his website. “There's a lot to talk about these days”, he says.

Academic Background

• PhD in Management, specialising in Information Systems, Anderson School, UCLA (USA)


• BSc, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

• Post-doctoral studies, Harvard Business School (USA)

Academic Experience

• 1990 - Present: Professor of Information Technologies and Systems, IE

• 2000 - Present: Full Professor, IE

• International Management Fellowship Programme Instructor at the John E. Anderson

• 1997 - 2000: Graduate School of Management. UCLA, USA

• 1993 - 2000: Associate Professor, IE

• 1990 - 1993: Assistant Professor, IE

Corporate Experience

• 1990 - Present: Consulting in the Information Systems field


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