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Gonzalo Álvarez Marañón


Gonzalo Álvarez Marañón


Data Science & Technology

Dr. Gonzalo Alvarez is a scientist and a storyteller. He received an M.S. degree in Telecommunications Engineering in 1995, and a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in 2000. He joined the Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC) in 1995, where he worked in cryptography and Internet security until 2017. During this period, he published over 500 papers and two books on cryptography and data security and taught countless courses to private companies and public organizations. Recently, he published “Irrational Decisions in Cybersecurity” (2019) and “Criptografía en el Mundo Real” (2020).

In parallel, he helps large organisations to empower their ideas and communicate creatively. He regularly gives workshops, courses and conferences on how to create inspiring presentations that inform and move people to action, aimed at entrepreneurs and managers in both the public and private sectors. Since 2008 he has edited the blog El Arte de Presentar (http://www.elartedepresentar.com), in 2012 he published the book “El Arte de Presentar” (Gestión 2000) and then in 2015 the book “El Superhéroe de las Presentaciones”.

Corporate Experience

• Scientist, CSIC, 1995 – 2017

• Senior Researcher, ElevenPaths, Telefónica, 2018

• Socio fundador El Arte de Presentar, 2008

Academic Experience

• Professor of “Fundamentos de Criptografía” en Postgrado Experto en Blockchain, Universidad Europea, Spain, 2018, 2019

• Adjunct Professor of “Cryptography & Cryptanalysis”, Master in Cybersecurity, IE Business School, Spain, 2019, 2020

• Adjunct Professor of “Impacto e Influencia” en Master Dirección de RRHH, IE Business School, Spain, 2015

• Professor of “Seguridad en Aplicaciones Web” en “Máster/Experto en Seguridad de la Información”, Universidad de Deusto, Spain, 2004 – 2013

• Teacher of “Comunicación” at El Arte de Presentar, Spain, 2008

Academic Background

• M.S. degree in Telecommunications Engineering, UPV/EHU, Spain, 1995

• Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, UPM, Spain, 2000

• ACC Associate Certified Coach, ICF (International Coach Federation) Spain, Spain, 2012