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José Ramón Alvarez


José Ramón Alvarez


Letrado Secretaría General y Asesoría Jurídica Cecabank /Secretario Comité Jurídico


Global Public Law and Governance

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From 2011 to 2016 José worked at the Department of Public and Urban Planning Law at ONTIER, specializing in Public and Regulated Sectors Law.

He is a Professor of Institutional Organization of the Legal Profession at IE Law School, and other subjects such as Administrative Law and Professional Ethics at the same institution.

He is also a member of the Forum of the regulation whose aims are the promotion of specialized legal knowledge about public regulation, study and publication of best practices in this field and the exchange of professional experiences.

His professional experience includes legally advising businesses, both domestic and international, as well as defending their interests before the administrative disputes jurisdiction. In particular, in matters concerning public hiring and tenders, concessions and licenses, construction and infrastructure, administration assets liability, telecommunications, energy, data protection, grants, water, mines, enforced claim and collection of administrative debts, environment, associations and foundations, penalty processes, pharmaceutical area, transport, stock market and listed companies.

José Ramón specializes in Public Law and in Regulated Sectors’ Law. He has more than 10 years of professional experience working for law firms and international companies.

Academic background:

  • Master of Laws (LLM), IE Law School
  • Graduate in Law, the Autonomous University of Madrid