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Julia Folch Schulz


Julia Folch Schulz


Behavior & Talent

Professional Experience

Professor Folch Schulz has a Ph.D. in psychology and is considered as an expert in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She has an extensive research experience in the field of Cognitive Neurocience, with a particular emphasis on early socio-affective interaction and facial communication, and is an active member in two international research groups attached to the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid (UAM) that thrive on public funds. She is also an experienced teacher and currently is a lecturer in the following subjects: Fundamentals of Bio-Psychology, Comparative Psychology, Learning Psychology, and Brain and Behaviour. She also acts as a personal tutor (advisor) and class coordinator, and holds basic management responsibilities (e.g. students with special needs). In her free time she enjoys reading, painting, and exploring nature.


• University Professor since course 1998/1999, School of Psychology of IE-University (previously SEK-University)
• Clinical Psychologist, Counselling Service of “Centro Europeo de Estudios Superiores” linked to the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (currently Universidad Europea of Madrid)
• Child Psychologist, psychology consultation “ACRON” (private practice and counselling service for kindergartens)


• Ph.D. in Psychology, December 2015
• Bachelor degree in Psychology, June 1990