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Marie Jose Garot


Marie Jose Garot



Marie-José Garot is an expert in European Law. She has taught and carried out intense research projects at prestigious universities like the European University Institute of Florence, the European Centre for Public Law (Athens), the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Carlos III University in Madrid, or the Toulouse-le-Mirail University. She has published books, articles and papers on European integration. Apart from teaching European law, she is delighted to be the Director of the Center for European Studies of IE University and to promote European idealism inside and outside IE.

In addition to that, and thanks to her international background, Marie-José Garot has developed an expertise in Chinese Law, from a Rule of Law perspective.  She is a kind of pioneer in this field, being one of the first to teach Chinese Law in Spain. She is interested in studying the evolution of Law in China, especially in the last decade since China has joined the WTO. She has already published papers on this topic and is preparing a book in Spanish on Chinese Public Law. She is member of the European China Law Studies Association.

Academic Background

• PhD in Law, European University Institute, Florence (Italy)

• Master in Political Science, Université de Paris II (France)

• Degree in Political Science, Université de Paris II (France)

• Law Degree, Université de Rennes I (France)

Professional Background

• Professor of Law, IE, 2001 - present

• Director of the Center for European Studies/IE University, 2009 - present

• Post-doctoral Researcher, European Centre of Public Law, Athens, (Greece), November 1998 - June 2000

• Professor of Master of European Studies, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain), 1997/1998, 1998/1999, 1999/2000

• Advisor, Communications Services: French Prime Minister’s Cabinet, Paris (France) 1992 - 1993

• Assistant of the Pierre Mendes Foundation’s Administrator, Paris, (France) 1990 - 1991

Latest Publications

• Garot, M.J. (2016). “The European Citizens’ Initiative: an effective tool to promote a digital European democracy?” In Peter Lindseth, Colette Cuijpers, Corien Prins (Eds.). Digital democracy in a Globalized World. Edward Elgar Publishing

• Garot, M. (2011). “The citizenship of the European Union: news from Lisbon and Luxembourg”. Revista Direito GV, Vol. 8(2): 745-768

• Garot, M. (2010). “La constitución francesa y el derecho comunitario: un repaso de la historia de las relaciones entre dos ordenamientos jurídicos”. Cuadernos De Derecho Público, Nº 34-35: 167-190