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A student-centered approach

A student-centered approach

Starting at university is a thrilling yet somewhat overwhelming experience. Thus, we assist you from the start as you integrate into the IE community, adjust to academic life and feel at home in your new university environment.

Throughout your university years, you will find support and guidance from mentors, tutors and advisors. In the first two years students have the support of a student mentor as well as an academic tutor. Student mentors are paired with new students to help them integrate into student life at IE University. Academic tutors give advice and guidance as the student adjusts to the rigorous pace of university studies.

The role of an advisor

In the last two years you can have an assigned advisor who plays an important consultative role in helping you to identify and achieve your professional goals. Advisors may also take a supervisory role of your final degree project.

Advisors enable students to extend themselves and consolidate areas of competence that will strengthen their professional and academic profile. Students find that the presence of an advisor throughout their university years is one of the key factors in having an academically enriching, challenging and fulfilling educational experience. The advisors are highly skilled and experienced academics, senior managers and top professionals in a variety of corporations and international organizations.