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What stands out

The balance of theory and practice, with the integration of technology throughout the learning process, stand out to our students as essential elements of an up-to-date education that will equip them for the demands of a dynamic and ever-advancing professional environment.

Practical learning

Our faculty focuses on teaching what is relevant for today and for the future. We employ a range of methodologies and tools that uniquely balance theory with practice to prepare well-rounded professionals who are capable of facing a constantly changing world. Professors guide students through the case study method, which takes an interactive approach and enables them to gain a deeper understanding of concepts as they are applied to real world scenarios. Students work in multicultural groups and learn to achieve results as a team, which reflects the realities of their future professional environments. Internships and IE Labs round out the practical learning experience and provide the differentiation that students need to build a strong professional profile.

Technology-Savvy Education

IE University holds a leading position in Europe amongst higher education institutions in terms of excellence in the innovative use of technology. We place a strong emphasis on the integration of technology in all our programs and teaching methodologies. IE University offers state-of –the-art facilities that meet the needs of a demanding digital era. Students have access to the Campus Online that keeps them connected to the entire IE community from anywhere in the world and where they use IE’s award-winning multimedia tools. Furthermore, every program integrates specific technologies that enhance the learning process, with facilities such as the MediaLab and NuDL Digital Fabrication Laboratory.