Our story

Our Story

1973 - IE is born

IE Business School opens its doors in Madrid’s business district offering MBA programs. At the same time, the Master of Laws LL.M. and the Master in Legal Consultancy are launched. A few years later, IE Law School is officially inaugurated, broadening the academic offer of legal programs.

The 80’s - Expansion of new departments and partnerships

A few years later, IE embarks on the creation of new departments, such as the Alumni Association and the Centre for Entrepreneurship, one of the cornerstones of the school’s innovative spirit. Later the IE International Advisory Board is created, alongside the IE Foundation and the IE Fund, with headquarters in the United States to promote research and the awarding of scholarships. Finally, the Business Leadership Forum is born to collect and group different points of view and knowledge from important figures in the political, economic and business world.

The 90’s - Expansion of international presence

IE expands its international presence by opening development offices worldwide. Today IE has 28 international offices in different countries.

Promotion of new trends through innovation and diversity

The first Blended programs are launched, placing IE at the forefront of e-learning in Europe and accelerating the internationalization of the school. IE starts to participate in joint activities, such as the Sumaq Alliance with leading Latin American schools, and establishes agreements with other institutions, such as a collaboration with Brown University in the United States, from which the IE Brown Executive MBA program was born.

Growth and consolidation of worldwide recognition

At present, IE enjoys agreements and collaborations with around 100 prestigious schools in Europe, the United States, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The 00’s - IE educates a new generation

IE University opens its doors to undergraduate students in 2006, a critical milestone for the institution. The campuses in Segovia and Madrid bring together university students from around the world, where they study degree programs which are rooted in the innovative and entrepreneurial model for which IE enjoys international prestige. Students also benefit from access to a unique faculty.

Present day IE

The talented and diverse IE faculty brings together over 500 professors to take on the teaching of a student body comprised of over 90 nationalities among our degree, Master, PhD and Executive Education programs. We already have 45,000 IE alumni working around the world.