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At a Glance

This program is a hands-on, multidisciplinary degree that allows participants to study, understand and influence human behavior.

  • Type of Degree
  • Undergraduate
  • Language
  • English
  • Format
  • Full-Time
  • Location
  • Segovia and Madrid
  • Duration
  • 4 years
  • Start /Date
  • September

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Become an expert in human behavior

Using perspectives provided by a variety of social science disciplines, you will learn how to analyze, influence and understand human behavior at the individual, social and organizational levels.

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Build a multidisciplinary profile

You will be exposed to a wide range of disciplines related to the study of human behavior, including psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, business and law.

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Impact organizations and society at large

Explore human behavior within the context of complex social systems, including communities, families, companies, organizations and so on. This program will provide you with the skills you need to impact these systems by applying your understanding of how people think and behave.

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Discover a unique approach to learning

Year one is designed as a foundation year to teach you the fundamentals of behavioral science as well as basic concepts of social and data science. This broad introduction will help you discover the connections between these fields and explore how these disciplines complement each other. Years two and three will establish your extensive qualitative and quantitative analytical skills, allowing you to take an in-depth look at how we behave. In year four, you will apply the knowledge you have accumulated thus far to real-world situations, as well as diverse industries including consumer goods, energy and healthcare.

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Earn a fully accredited degree

The Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences is fully compliant with the Bologna Process and is accredited by the Spanish government and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

The Pillars of Behavior and Social Sciences at IE University

Study, understand and positively impact people in the real world

What is Behavior and Social Sciences at IE university?

Study Plan

The hunt for knowledge



If you choose to study the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences, then you will study the first year in Segovia and the last three years in Madrid.

Core Courses 60
Obligatory Courses 138
Electives 30
Capstone Project 12
Credits needed to graduate 240

Year one is an introductory phase, focused on gaining a foundation in the social sciences. You will learn about research methods and how they can be applied to solve problems related to social science, technology or human behavior.


Throughout the first year, you will also explore the fundamentals of business, statistics, technology, behavior and programming. This will provide you with a strong base for future years.

1st Semester

  • Fundamentals of Human Behavior
  • Fundamentals of Social Science
  • IE Module – Technology for Innovation
  • IE Module – Data Insights & Visualization
  • IE Module – Introduction to Management
  • Probability & Statistics for the Real World

2nd Semester

  • Learning to Observe, Experiment and Survey
  • Fundamentals of Data Analysis
  • Simulating and Modeling to Understand Change
  • The Big History of Ideas and Innovation
  • IE Module – Presentation Skills
  • IE Module – Writing Skills

In year two, you will study human behavior and the social systems in which we interact. You will acquire extensive quantitative and qualitative tools to help you establish your analytical toolbox.


Through seminars and boot camps, you will also be encouraged to develop soft skills important for behavioral and social sciences, including debate, teamwork and communication.

1st Semester

  • Power and Inequality: Fundamentals of Social Theory
  • The Psychology of Cognition and Emotion
  • Qualitative Tools for Studying People
  • Organizational & Employee Behavior
  • Personality, Individual & Cultural Differences

2nd Semester

  • Introduction to Economics
  • Social and Digital Anthropology
  • Understanding Population and Demography
  • Quantitative Tools for Studying People
  • Seminar: Global Politics and Debate
  • Professional Bootcamp: Teamwork

During year three, you will explore advanced topics related to behavior, including neuroscience, behavioral economics, decision-making and change management.


Discover how to have a positive impact on people and organizations as you learn how to influence, persuade and bring about real change on an individual, organizational and social level.

1er Semester

  • Law & Behavior
  • Influence & Persuasion
  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Marketing, Advertising & Consumer Behavior
  • Community, Society & Culture
  • Professional Bootcamp: Stress and Selfmanagement

2nd Semester

  • Behavior Design and Nudging
  • Welfare and Policy Design
  • Public Opinion, Preferences and Voter Behavior
  • Behavioral Economics and Decision-Making
  • Advanced Topic: Design Thinking, Brainstorming and Creativity for Innovation
  • Social Networks

The final year prepares you to enter into the professional working world. You will be able to choose from a wide range of electives and courses, selecting those that will help you advance along your ideal career path.


Advanced specialist courses on neuromarketing, coaching, counseling and design thinking are all available to year four students. You will also develop and present your final Capstone Project, which will represent a culmination of everything you have learned throughout the program.

1st Semester

  • Consumer Goods
  • Financial Services
  • Travel, Hospitality & Tourism
  • Talent Management & Human Resources
  • Operations and Process Marketing
  • Sustainability and the Environment
  • Health Services
  • Citizens, Society and Policy
  • Global Security

2nd Semester

  • Advanced Topic: Coaching, Counseling and Behavioral Intervention
  • Advanced Topic: Media Psychology and Communication
  • Advanced Topic: Driving Change in Organizations
  • Advanced Topic: Social Entrepreneurship
  • Advanced Topic: Neuro-Marketing
  • Career Preparation & Design
  • Capstone Project

Note: * Career focused electives and consulting projects will allow you to apply knowledge and skills of your bachelor to a range of industries and job types. These electives will be taken in conjunction with students of other HST Bachelors to help you develop the ability to work in multi-discipline teams. Examples: Consumers & Marketing, Healthcare & Health, HR & Talent and Energy & Environment. ** This study plan is under validation process and may be subject to change.

A world of Opportunity

Professional Careers

Once you finish your degree, you’ll be ready to get out there and develop your career in a wide range of areas.


As a behavior consultant, you will study people in order to improve strategies across diverse sectors. No matter what industry you’re in, success is closely linked to understanding people. Consultants help businesses navigate the realm of human behavior to improve marketing campaigns, product design, customer service, and much more.


Success in marketing and communication depends on your ability to influence and persuade your public. Use your knowledge of human behavior to understand consumer needs and wants in order to create game-changing products, services and campaigns.


Analyze human interaction within different contexts, social systems and structures to determine how to positively impact their lives.

Your home away from home

IE University Campus

As a student at IE University, you will gain an international outlook and global connections. You will benefit from diverse perspectives and experiences as you study with peers from around the world. Each year, an average of 130 different countries are represented on campus, and over 75% of students come from abroad.


The campus in the city of Segovia offers a true campus experience. It is housed in the Convent of Santa Cruz la Real, a historic building declared a national heritage site in 1931. Segovia is only 25 minutes from Madrid by high-speed train, and welcomes students from over 130 countries to a global university setting with an academic and lively atmosphere.


In Segovia, youʼll find the perfect setting to become part of a close-knit community. Segovia is a fairytale city full of narrow, twisting alleyways, Romanesque churches, and beautiful buildings.


On our campus in Madrid, you will find a groundbreaking education experience, with access to cutting-edge resources, specialized classrooms, and modern facilities. Studying in Madrid provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in a dynamic environment at the center of one of Europeʼs most important financial capitals.


If you decide to study in Madrid, you will benefit from a global environment, top-tier networking opportunities, and facilities equipped with the latest technologies—all shared with the top-ranked IE Business School.