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Dear student


Dear Student

by Marc Smelik

Associate Dean,
BBA. IE Business School

You have made an important choice to be part of our amazing network across the world, full of diversity, energy and ambition. The IE University team will help you in making this an unforgettable journey towards realising your personal aspirations.

You are at the start and we appreciate you have your own feelings and expectations, even some apprehension to what will come in the next years. In our desire to help shape a great experience for you, allow me to emphasize a few things to consider throughout your studies. This is your journey, and you make things happen. We have expectations and rules to make our program consistent and rigorous, as you would expect from a top university. But we work particularly hard at IE University to help, advise and support you in achieving your goals.

“Your opportunities are great, not just in Madrid and Segovia but across borders through exchanges, internships and through the many activities we organize across the curriculum”

Every year you will have to make tough decisions on what you want to do, how you fit in things, why it is important for your career. We want to support your plans and your decisions; make use of the professorial and professional talent we have at IE University.

We live in a great IE community, within the Business School and IE University. Valuable networks are built every day by our students and alumni. We welcome you with open arms and encourage you to become an active member of our community. For your own development and the global society in which we learn and to which we give our talent and value.

Participate in our clubs, societies, sports, social and venturing networks, and our corporate engagement. It is enriching and vital to your personal outcomes for the Bachelor in Business Administration.

Enjoy the experience at IE University. Study hard but play too. Find a balance in your life with the help of your class, mentors, societies and professorial advice. You are building the foundation for your working life, a great time to establish values, goals and habits. Discover what works for you. You have made a great decision to join our IE world. The BBA program and academic team look forward to join you on this exciting journey!