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At a Glance

The Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence is a top-tier program for disruptive individuals aspiring to change the world of technology as we know it.

  • Type of Degree
  • Undergraduate
  • Language
  • English
  • Format
  • Full-Time
  • Location
  • Segovia and Madrid
  • Duration
  • 4 years
  • Start /Date
  • September

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

This skill set is rapidly growing in demand

The search for versatile professionals with this specialized skill set is on the rise. Talented individuals with computer science skills currently occupy nearly two thirds of the highest-paying and fastest-growing jobs in marketing, design, data analytics, and engineering. In addition, employers from a range of sectors actively seek out individuals who have advanced computer science skills to work in every department of their company. With its focus on business innovation and hands-on, real-world applications, the Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligenceprepares professionals to fillthis market void.

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Technology is infiltrating every aspect of our lives

Technology is the cornerstone of modern business. In every industry, it’s incorporated into most day-to-day procedures and holds the key to long-term market differentiation. This means that recruiters are constantly on the lookout for highly trained computer science professionals. To really stand out and remain relevant, you need to design and adapt to disruptive and innovative technology. With their strong conceptual understanding of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based resources, students of this program can expect to be in high demand. Are you ready to make an impact?

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Operate on the cutting edge of the tech world

Develop a future-forward mindset to ensure you’re always one step ahead of the game. With a combination of computer science expertise and business acumen, this program will help you leverage tomorrow’s technology to design and develop the shape our future will take. At the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, we provide all students access to hands-on experience with the latest technologies, helping them building upon the solid foundations they learn in class to unleash their potential.

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Learn the skillsof the future

Whether it’s the car we drive, the movies we see, or how we interact with one another, computer technology plays an important role in everything we do. Meeting this demand requires skilled professionals with the capability to develop, solve, and design multidimensional programs and systems. Develop an adaptable, forward-thinking mindset centered on technological awareness and define the future in an era of disruptive change.

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Work in any industry and any sector

Technology is heavily involved in every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Explore unlimited options in any sector or industry with the Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence—including mobility, health, environment, banking, nonprofits, and more. Whatever your career goals, this program will take you there.

The Pillars of Computer
Science and Artificial Intelligence

Create digital technologies to drive innovation

What is Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence at IE University?

Study Plan

The hunt for knowledge



If you choose to study the Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, then you will study the first year in Segovia and the last three years in Madrid.

Core Courses 60
Mandatory (Computer Science) 75
Mandatory (Artificial Intelligence) 63
Capstone Project 12
Electives 30
Credits needed to graduate 240

In your first year of study, you will begin by building solid foundations in the fundamentals of computer science. This will cover all bases involved in both artificial intelligence and computing, including principles of programming, fundamentals of data analysis, and fundamentals of technology, and innovation. As you progress, you will simultaneously work on your presentation and writing skills, making sure they’re up to scratch for working in a range of organizations.

1st Semester

  • Fundamentals of Human Behavior
  • Fundamentals of Social Sciences
  • Fundamentals of Technology & Innovation
  • Introduction to Management
  • Fundamentals of Probability & Statistics

2nd Semester

  • Learning to Observe, Experiment & Survey
  • Fundamentals of Data Analysis
  • Simulating and Modeling to Understand Change
  • The Big History of Ideas & Innovation – IE Module
  • Principles of Programming

In your second year, you will further explore the knowledge acquired in year one to become a true expert in the subject areas. By the end of the final term, you will have gained an advanced understanding of algorithms and data structures, matrices and linear transformations, and designing and using databases.

1st Semester

  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Calculus for Computer Science
  • Algorithms & Data Structures
  • Computer Programming I
  • Designing and Using Databases

2nd Semester

  • Physics for Computer Science
  • Computer Architecture, Network Technology & Operating Systems
  • Matrices & Linear Transformations
  • AI: Machine Learning Foundations
  • AI: Personality and Emotion for AI Design
  • Probability for Computer Science

In the third year, you’ll be ready to uncover everything there is to know about computer science. Approaching the field from all angles, you will study topics such as software development and high-performance computing. The majority of your courses will focus on artificial learning, more specifically, computer vision, natural language processing, and reinforcement learning, among others.

1st Semester

  • High Performance Computing
  • AI: Representation, Reasoning & Problem Solving
  • Computer Programming II
  • Software Development & DevOps
  • AI: Statistical Learning & Prediction

2nd Semester

  • AI: Natural Language Processing & Semantic Analysis
  • AI: Chatbots & Recommendation Engines
  • AI: Reinforcement Learning
  • Project Management & Innovation Methods
  • AI: Computer Vision

The final year of study gives you the choice to study a range of courses related to the application of computer science. Alongside this, you will explore other disruptive technology in detail, including blockchain, cryptocurrencies and fintech, robotics and automation, and human-computer interaction, among others. A large part of your final year will be dedicated to a capstone project, and you may also choose to enhance your studies by taking part in our exchange project. This is a chance to expand your international horizons, studying at one of our prestigious partner universities from over 50 countries worldwide.

1st Semester

  • Application: Bioinformatics and Digital Health
  • Application: Biometrics, Bionics & Wearables
  • Application: Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking
  • Application: Financial Trading Algorithms & Models
  • Application: Extended Realities & Interactive Media

2nd Semester

  • Ethics, Policy Making and Legislation in Computer Science
  • Robotics & Automation
  • UX, UI & Human-Computer Interaction
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & Fintech
  • Capstone Project

Note: * Our career-focused electives and projects allow you to apply the knowledge and skills gained during your bachelor to a range of industries and job types. These electives will be taken alongside students of other HST Bachelors to develop your ability to work in multidisciplinary teams. ** This study is under review and may be subject to change.

A world of Opportunity

Professional Careers

Once you finish your degree, you’ll be ready to develop your career in a wide range of industries.


The sudden rise in demand for businesses to implement blockchain has opened up a huge space for blockchain developers. Become a disruptive force in this emerging wordldevweitlohper key sector skills such as hard programming mechanism design.


Develop more effective machine programs to perform specific tasks with the Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. In this program, you will learn the ins and outs of artificial intelligence, from the fundamental foundations of machine learning to designing expert systems and natural language processing.


Passionate about augmented reality and want to get involved in an increasingly specialized and intricate industry? As an expert in the principles of programming, model design, and software development, you’ll be armed and ready to make waves in an exciting sector.

Your home away from home

IE University Campus

As a student at IE University, you will gain an international outlook and global connections. You will benefit from diverse perspectives and experiences as you study with peers from around the world. Each year, an average of 130 different countries are represented on campus, and over 75% of students come from abroad.


The campus in the city of Segovia offers a true campus experience. It is housed in the Convent of Santa Cruz la Real, a historic building declared a national heritage site in 1931. Segovia is only 25 minutes from Madrid by high-speed train, and welcomes students from over 130 countries to a global university setting with an academic and lively atmosphere.


In Segovia, youʼll find the perfect setting to become part of a close-knit community. Segovia is a fairytale city full of narrow, twisting alleyways, Romanesque churches, and beautiful buildings


On our campus in Madrid, you will find a groundbreaking education experience, with access to cutting-edge resources, specialized classrooms, and modern facilities. Studying in Madrid provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in a dynamic environment at the center of one of Europeʼs most important financial capitals.


If you decide to study in Madrid, you will benefit from a global environment, top-tier networking opportunities, and facilities equipped with the latest technologies—all shared with the top-ranked IE Business School.