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A world of opportunity

Once you finish your degree, you’ll be ready to get out there and develop your career in a wide range of areas.

Whether you are inspired by working at law firms, companies, or public practices in Public Administration, as an IE University law graduate, you will be more than prepared to use your expertise to provide a service to society on an international scale, and to make a positive impact in your field and potentially beyond. Below you will find some of the areas you can specialize in.


If you decide to work as corporate lawyer, you will ensure business risks are minimized and corporate functions conform to the law on every level.


You will also specialize in multiple aspects of law and how it pertains to business operations, as well as study, draft, and negotiate contracts. You will consider issues such as acquisition processes, harassment suits, liability manners and tax consequences, and ensure the legality of commercial transactions, advising corporations on their legal rights and duties.


As a transnational lawyer, you will represent clients in civil court proceedings—working inside courtrooms—regulate actions or events that transcend national borders, and resolve transnational disputes between private parties.


You will also be assisting clients in numerous asset financing transactions from different countries, and drafting international joint venture agreements.


As a legal advisor, you will provide high quality advice to organizations on major legal issues. You will also assist in the interpretation and review of legal documents to help make decisions about project undertakings, and formulate the best possible legal solution with a desired outcome from the organization’s point of view.


Last but not least, you will be actively involved in preparing and drafting different acts and legal submissions. No matter which career path you decide to focus on, you will be making a significant impact on society, and you’ll prove yourself to be the international lawyer you have always dreamed of becoming.

Ana Martínez Valls during her graduation.

Ana Martínez Valls

Bachelor of Laws

“IE University has given me many opportunities. In September I’ll start working at Cuatrecasas, one of the top Spanish law firms, where I’ll pursue a four-year international program. During the program I’ll be able to work at Cuatrecasas’ offices in Barcelona and Madrid, gain work experience abroad, and complete a master’s in the US.


Studying at IE University has helped me differentiate myself from other candidates because of three main things: the international experience I’ve gained during these years here, the practical and soft skills I’ve learned, and the entrepreneurial and innovative approach to law that I’ve been taught.”