Brown Summer Program


Spend an unforgettable summer participating in IE University’s summer program, hosted at Brown University.

This summer program is offered exclusively to current IE University undergraduate students, providing them with an opportunity to spend three weeks taking part in classes and extracurricular activities, while also enjoying Brown University’s buzzing campus life.


The Program

Students will have full boarding, housed on the beautiful Brown campus. An IE University professor will lead extracurricular studies and events, with the support of a Brown assistant.

Classes will run for 3 hours during the morning. After a lunch break, and some time to relax, students may have an additional hour and a half to 3 hours of scheduled classes or extracurricular activities. In the afternoons and evenings, students are free to meet up with friends, enjoy life at the Brown campus or head out to explore the city of Providence.


The course is taught by Brown University professors. Upon completion of the course, students will receive two certificates, one from IE University and one from Brown. Students are eligible to receive 3 ECTS credits for the course. These credits can be applied towards the students’ degree.


  • International Ethics for a world in transition

Program Dates

  • Arrival: July 7/8th, 2018
  • Summer Program: July 9th – July 27th, 2018
  • Departure: July 28th, 2018

Application period:

  • March 15th to April 22nd, 2018


To apply for the program students must complete the application form found on this page, which includes a statement of intent. When evaluating applicants for the IE University Summer Program at Brown, IE University will consider the student’s academic records, GPA and level of English.

IE University seeks students with intellectual curiosity, willingness to engage with others in an academic and social environment, and a standard of behavior in line with the expectations of both institutions.

Send applications to:

International Mobility Team


March 15th to April 22nd, 2018


A minimum weighted GPA of 6.00/10.00
English proficiency certificate (for student who are not enrolled in a bachelor in English)


Thanks to the IE University and Brown University partnership, this summer program is offered at a considerably reduced cost compared with other summer programs.

The total fee per participant is €3,000.

This amount includes:

Full board (housing and meals) for 21 days on campus at Brown
One course which consists of 3 hours of class daily, plus 3 hours/week of additional activities with an IE University professor
Two certificates of completion, one from IE University and one from Brown University
Students are responsible for:

All travel fees, which include flights and transportation to and from Brown University
Health and travel insurance


Accepted candidates will be notified by April 24th.

Students must pay a non-refundable deposit of €500, which must be paid as soon as their place in the program is confirmed, and not later than April 27th, 2018.

The full program fee must be paid by May 18th, 2018.

NOTE: Include both the full name of the applicant and indicate that the payment corresponds to the fee for the IE University Summer Program at Brown.


There’s always plenty of fun and enjoyment to be had, both on and off campus. The Brown campus is bustling with activity and life, with the busy Thayer Street running straight through the campus. The close-knit housing and dining system means that visiting students can easily make new friends with other students on campus. The city of Providence is one of Brown’s most valuable assets, with its many galleries, shops, and restaurants that offer convenience, enrichment, and entertainment.




Brown University will provide assistance for students who need to apply for a visa.

For information on who to contact please visit:


Transportation to the airport, train station or bus station:

TAXI companies and airport shuttle in Rhode Island

  • From campus to train, bus station or airport
  • Taxi companies. If you need to leave early in the morning, call a company the day before to arrange a precise time and location for pick up.
  • Airport shuttle/”limousine” (it’s a van) departs T.F. Green every hour on the hour, and has a pick-up point at FaunceArch/Campus Center. Call for reservations.

MBTA commuter train service to TF Green (Warwick, RI) Airport

  • Trains leave from the Providence Amtrak Train Station (near Providence Place Mall)
  • To TF Green, Check MBTA commuter rail schedule for Providence/Stoughton Line (Outbound from Providence to TF Green, or Inbound from TFGreen to Providence). Increased service to TF Green began November 2011.
  • To Boston/Logan, MBTA commuter rail to South Station, switch to Silver Line to Logan Airport terminals. For instructions, check Getting to Logan info on the MBTA site.

BUS service to TF Green (Warwick, RI) via RIPTA and to Logan (Boston) Airports via Peter Pan Bus Lines

  • To TF Green, RIPTA buses leave from Providence Kennedy Plaza (downtown). You can walk to Kennedy Plaza or take a bus from the Thayer Street tunnel. On the RIPTA website, select Schedule & Fares > Trip Planner to identify your bus and time (Tunnel is 218 Thayer St, Providence). Current students who show Brown ID are able to ride any RIPTA bus or trolley anywhere within the state at no charge.
  • To Boston/Logan, Peter Pan buses leave from the Providence Bus Terminal (2 miles north of campus, take a cab from campus to the Peter Pan bus terminal)

For more information visit: