I really like the teaching method based on debates and reading… You learn through sharing and discussing your opinions.

Alicia, Spain

Bachelor in Politics, Laws, & Economics

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Alicia Clara

About me

I was born in Spain, but have lived in both Switzerland and France as a child. I love the opportunities IE University gives students to share their opinions and connect with different people. I’m able to be an active participant in dynamic classes, provide advice and helpful information to new students through programs like the Mentorship Society, and interact with incredible people from all over the world on campus and in the friendly city of Segovia.

Alicia Clara, Spain


Undergraduate student

Alicia has taken an active role both in and outside of the classroom in Segovia. She is inspired by class discussions and engaging professors, and participates in the Catholic Club, the Debate Club, and the Philanthropic Club in order to both socialize and make a difference. Her work as IE Ambassador, Open House Coordinator, and Mentor for the Mentorship Society helps provide helpful information to new and potential students, giving them the chance to make the most of their IE University experience.

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