“The journey is truly the destination.”

Jakob, Norway

Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws

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Jakob Brusdal

About me

I’m originally from Norway, but I’ve also lived in the UK, US, Germany and Spain. After completing high school in Munich, I decided to move to Madrid to study business and law at IE University. I had trouble deciding which one to study, but luckily IE University’s dual degree allowed me to do both! The university’s unique international environment is amazing. It’s really important to me to be surrounded by new cultures, and it has been incredibly valuable.

Jakob Brusdal, Norway


Undergraduate student

From the kitchen to crypto

Attending IE University and living in Spain have helped foster Jakob’s many hobbies and entrepreneurial spirit.

As the pandemic hit, the university was quick to adapt their existing Liquid Learning model to ensure students missed as few classes as possible during the transition. As students and professionals alike start to see the value in remote work, Jakob believes it has been valuable for students to familiarize themselves with these new working conditions. IE University’s blended format combined with a hands-on learning approach has been a positive experience for Jakob and helped prepare him for his future career.

IE University’s entrepreneurial environment made it very easy and exciting for Jakob to take part in extracurricular activities. One example is the Start-Up Lab. This is a great opportunity for students to develop a business plan or work on an existing one. While at the Lab, Jakob further developed QuickSip, a business idea he started back in high school. QuickSip is an adjustable filter that fits on any water bottle to encourage people to be more sustainable and reuse plastic water bottles.

Jakob was proactive about his professional journey even before starting at IE University. He signed up for the mentorship program, which he found to be hugely beneficial. His mentor showed him the best places in Segovia, shared their own experiences and answered any questions Jakob had regarding the campus and town.

The sheer variety of people, personalities and cultures Jakob has met at IE University never ceases to amaze him. His friends and amazing faculty will eventually serve as a professional network, helping him achieve his career goals.

During his free time, Jakob enjoys researching cryptocurrencies and stocks. His interest in crypto began in early 2015, and he has been educating himself and investing ever since. Jakob is also a passionate amateur chef and loves spending time in the kitchen. Weekends are often spent hosting dinner parties or discovering new restaurants in Madrid. Taking cooking classes has also been a great way for Jakob to indulge and learn more about the local cuisine. Back in Norway, he used to spend his summers hunting and fishing, which allowed him to both explore nature and the kitchen in new and exciting ways.

When he’s not cooking or investing, Jakob enjoys music and other arts, mostly centered around rap and hip-hop. He enjoys freestyle rapping—a skill that he has been able to develop at IE University thanks to the Casa de la Moneda.

Looking ahead to where he might want to work, Jakob says that he does enjoy startup culture. Most of his professional experiences have been either in investment companies or young companies. Working in a modern office with a small- or medium-sized team has always been more enjoyable for him than working at a large corporation. That being said, Jakob believes that a corporate job can offer extremely valuable experience and is a great way to learn about a business before starting his own.

There is no doubt in Jakob’s mind that his entrepreneurial resolve will guide him toward his goals. He recently discovered an interest in real estate, which is something that he’s incredibly excited to explore further. Once all of his professional goals have been reached, it would be a dream of Jakob’s to own a small Spanish bistro serving high-quality food and wine to the people of Oslo.