“IE University places a lot of significance on values such as diversity, entrepreneurship and innovation.”

Laura, Colombia

Bachelor in Behavioral and Social Sciences

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Laura De Lima

About me

I was born and raised in Cali, Colombia, and grew up alongside some of my best friends. I had the opportunity to go to an international high school, where I met a lot of interesting people. After living in Cali for 18 years, I decided to travel to Spain to attend IE University. I am passionate about learning about people, human behavior, communication and media, and use writing as a creative outlet. IE University has given me many opportunities to further explore my passions and interests.

Laura De Lima, Colombia


Undergraduate student

Remaining open to possibilities

Laura is entering her final year of the newly designed Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences, during which she has been able to experience life in both Segovia and Madrid. Reflecting on why she chose to study at IE University, Laura commends its focus on innovation, which stood out to her from the start. In fact, the more she learned about the university, the more she was drawn to its diversity and emphasis on entrepreneurship. She knew she wanted an education that shared her own values and focused on preparing students for their future, and that’s exactly what she found at IE University.

After researching multiple psychology programs, the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences was everything she was looking for in a degree. Its multidisciplinary format and course offering gave Laura the variety she was seeking, especially with subjects like psychology, anthropology and economics. She loves that she’s been able to learn from so many different disciplines within the behavioral sciences sector and is looking forward to continuing this in her final year.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to explore her interests, Laura has done everything she can to get involved with the university’s initiatives. This has also given her a chance to meet people in the IE Community and learn invaluable skills outside of the classroom. She is involved in the IE University student newspaper, The Stork; the Behavioral Economics Club; the Mentor Program; and the IE Center for Health, Well-Being & Happiness. She enjoys learning as much as she can and meeting people with similar interests.

Although surprising to her, Laura has found that her favorite course so far was her Introduction to Economics class. Having never previously taken an economics class, she didn’t know she would be so interested in the reading and lectures. This new discovery motivated her to continue exploring the field through electives when she heads abroad in the fall. She will be attending Sciences Po University in Paris, where she hopes to meet more people, get to know another culture, and continue learning about her newly discovered passion for economics.

As the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences was recently updated, Laura weighed in on how it is adapted to better fit students’ expectations and needs. She has found it to be a valuable experience, especially as the university has been open to receiving feedback and suggestions along the way. If Laura could go back and give herself advice in her first year, she would tell herself to take advantage of each and every opportunity IE University provides. She recommends that other students join clubs, follow initiatives, meet new people, and do everything they can to learn something new.

As for the future, Laura knows that there are numerous opportunities for her to continue exploring her passions and find a specialization. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of her degree, she would like to keep an open mind when looking at any opportunities that may arise for her in the future. We wish Laura the best of luck and know that she will be successful—wherever her degree may take her.


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