“I like IE University because it is an excellent university that adapts quickly to changes and uses innovation to teach students the best possible way.”

Matthaeus, Italy

Bachelor in Business Administration

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Matthaeus Widmann

About me

My name is Matthaeus and I am 21 years old. I was born in South Tyrol, the northernmost region of Italy, and spent most of my life in Bolzano and Venice. When I was 15, I went to England to take the International Baccalaureate where I pursued my studies at St. Clare’s College in Oxford. After finishing college, I decided to go to Madrid to take the Bachelor in Business Administration. I chose IE University for my degree because it was recommended to me by many friends who were former students. I was excited to experience the Spanish language, the culture and the weather—which is much sunnier than England!

Matthaeus Widmann, Italy


Undergraduate student

After finishing high school, Matthaeus didn’t have a specific career path in mind. So, when the time came to choose a degree, he wanted one with a broad scope that would open many professional doors. His search led him to the Bachelor in Business Administration.

Matthaeus sees IE University as an excellent institution that adapts quickly to change, and uses innovation to provide the best possible education. He enjoys being able to observe startups, meeting founders with different perspectives and learning from their experiences. It also allows him to get a first look at many new and exciting ideas that could very possibly change the world for the better.

The four years that Matthaeus spent at IE University were, in his words, “fantastic.” He quickly made many good friends, and continued to meet new people even after three years of studying. On-campus life was an amazing experience for Matthaeus, and he hopes to stay in contact with the friends he made there forever.

During his degree, Matthaeus joined the Venture Capital & Private Equity Club. As a member, he was able to go to London, visit many private equity funds and talk to their employees, which he saw as a unique opportunity that most students don’t get. He is also a keen sportsman, and especially enjoys football. Realizing that other IE University students also wanted to play football, they began to organize friendly matches on the weekends. Matthaeus really enjoyed these games as they offered a chance to meet and play with many different people.

At IE University, Matthaeus always found that there were ample opportunities to meet new people on a personal level, and many different companies on a professional level. He feels very lucky to be part of this community, as thinks IE University provides a very high level of support compared to other institutions.

Matthaeus is currently undertaking a six-month internship at GFC, a Venture Capital fund that invests in early-stage startups. While unsure of the specifics, he knows he would like to remain in this field, trying out a new Venture Capital fund or maybe even staying at GFC. Overall, Matthaeus prefers concentrating on the present, as this is what his future depends on. That said, he does have plans in the long term to work with his brothers to create their own Venture Capital fund.

In his free time, Matthaeus does a variety of sports, including football, padel, running, sailing, CrossFit, cycling, skiing, Enduro (a motorbike sport) and many more. He also enjoys board games—especially chess and Catan—and took up the piano not all that long ago.

Since beginning his internship, Matthaeus spends much of his time in a professional environment. But he makes sure to keep up his hobbies outside of work. He spends at least an hour a day playing sports and often has drinks or dinner with friends before reading or watching something on TV. He lives a very active lifestyle but is looking forward to when the restrictions end and he can go traveling again.