"Success for me means to achieve those goals that you had previously set."

Pablo, Spain

Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws

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Pablo Jódar

About me

I’m working at J.P. Morgan as an investor analyst. The program lasts for three years. I really try to get to know people in the bank—and in different departments as well—in order to then decide after three years what I want to do. Technology is something that really attracts me. It’s not the future, it’s the present. So I could see myself changing to something related to finance, but more focused on technology.

Pablo Jódar, Spain


Undergraduate student

For Pablo Jódar, the process of hard work and effort is what defines success. This is something he puts into practice every day in his job as an investment analyst at J.P. Morgan in Geneva, Switzerland. He plans to continue with this work ethic as he follows a program to become an associate. Every aspect of his daily routine demonstrates his commitment to personal and professional development. He begins every day with a workout at the gym before heading to work, where they look at new market developments.

Aside from the morning gym sessions, Pablo enjoys an active lifestyle. In winter, he can often be found on the ski slopes in the scenic mountains a short half-hour away. When he’s not hurling himself down a snowy slope, he generally goes out for a run. His favorite route circles one of the lakes in the city. When not exercising, Pablo often spends his evenings socializing over a few beers with colleagues and other friends.

He credits his time at IE University with helping him interact more genuinely with people. During his time as a student, he learned how to develop his own point of view and way of seeing the world. Not only has this helped him in his career, it has allowed him to connect with others and effectively defend his perspective. By opening his eyes, taking on new opportunities, and stepping out of his comfort zone, Pablo has managed to build a promising career with an excellent work-life balance. In the future, he hopes to get more into the technical side of finance, maybe in fintech. But for now he’s working hard and enjoying the success that it brings.

“My advice to have a global career would be, first of all, to get out of your comfort zone, because that’s the only way to meet new people, open your eyes, and see new opportunities.”


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