“I’ve really enjoyed my years at IE University. I believe the university offers you incredible opportunities on both the professional and academic levels.”

Paula, Spain

Dual Degree in Laws + International Relations

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Paula Moreno-Cervera

About me

My name is Paula Moreno-Cervero. I was born and raised in Madrid, and I’m studying Law and International Relations. I love anything related to art and culture, whether visiting museums or art exhibitions, going to the opera, assisting at a conference or watching a movie. I also enjoy outdoor activities, practicing horse riding regularly and taking long walks around the beautiful city of Madrid.

Paula Moreno-Cervera, Spain


Undergraduate student

Learning about law, looking on the bright side and following her passions

When Paula was researching which university would be right for her, it was the teaching methodology at IE University, together with the international environment, that settled her decision. In combination, these two factors allow her to take advantage of studying in her home city while enjoying an international approach.

Though she was initially drawn to the Dual Degree in Laws + International Relations for its international relations element, it’s in law that she has found her passion. That’s not to say, though, that the humanistic perspective of international relations hasn’t been of benefit. Indeed, Paula says this unique perspective on international issues has kept her up to date in world affairs, a quality she knows is a prerequisite for any professional field today.

She has certainly enjoyed her time at IE University. For Paula, coming to the university “offers you incredible opportunities on both professional and academic levels,” and she describes the overall experience as “amazing.” Her positive experience no doubt stems from her own initiative too, as she has taken full advantage of the range of activities and support available to our students. She joined the IEU Debate Club in her first year, and has since then joined the IE Ethics and Compliance Club, organizing events and collaborating with a few of the many other clubs in our community.

Paula has also closely followed the activities of the Arts and Humanities division at IE University. Having a keen interest in cultural events, she strongly recommends that any student join in with these extraordinary activities. She cites collaborations with the Royal Theater or the Museo del Prado as two such events that have been particularly memorable.

The support afforded to students at IE University doesn’t end at the clubs. Paula particularly praises the work of IE Talent & Careers, in particular the weekly compilation of available opportunities, CV preparation assistance, professional guidance and training they offer. She calls all this resource “an incredible and priceless asset.”

The internship opportunities Paula has taken advantage of have included placements at leading national and international law firms including Cuatrecasas, Pérez-Llorca and Linklaters. This has given her the chance to see various areas of law in action, and she has been drawn particularly to public and administrative law. She also has a passion for human rights law, pointing out the chances the legal profession gives people like her to dedicate time and effort to that field through pro bono work. With this in mind, her short-term plans are to complete a master’s that will give her access to the legal profession, enabling her to become a lawyer in Spain.

Paula sees herself as a positive person, and believes in the saying “always look on the bright side of life,” saying it provides perspective and a reminder to adopt the right attitude. Given her impressive list of achievements, her ambition and her determination, we think she’s got every reason to be positive!


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