“Open your mind and do something you have never experienced in your life.”

Sho, Japan

Bachelor in International Relations

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Sho Izumisawa

About me

My name is Sho Izumisawa. I’m from Japan, and have spent most of my life there, though I studied in China for two years. I studied the Bachelor in International Relations at IE University.

Sho Izumisawa, Japan


Undergraduate student

Opportunities for expansion

Sho chose IE University because he wanted to study international relations and learn a third language. The opportunity to do both, picking up such a widely spoken language as Spanish, made the choice clear for him. He was also delighted by the small class sizes, which gives him ample opportunity to interact with both his professors and his peers. His goals for his time with IE University don’t end there, though—he’s also set on spending more time engaged in expanding his other interests.

His experience has confirmed that he made the right choice. He has been thoroughly enjoying his time at university, and he has even gotten the opportunity to study at all three IE University locations: the Segovia campus, IE Business School in Madrid’s Barrio de Salamanca, and the new IE Tower in Madrid. He especially liked the atmosphere in Segovia, where the city’s many classic buildings and landscapes felt very Spanish and European to him, and where the campus itself is a historical gem and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sho says Madrid feels more international and industrious, and that you can find plenty of fun leisures and events around the city.

Throughout his entire experience, Sho has found that the courses and activities are all well-organized, and faculty and staff are incredibly helpful. He was particularly impacted by a joint project between IE University and Brigham Young University, which studied the causes and consequences of populism. This sparked in him an interest in academic research in the field of political science. Sho joined some of his Bachelor in International Relations peers in presenting the research findings and attending a conference to hear invited scholars and experts speak about the study.

In moments away from his studies, Sho relaxes by running. He’s extremely taken by the sights of Madrid, describing it as beautiful to run in the city, whether in the morning or evening. As for his future, Sho will pursue a PhD in political science in the US. After taking many different classes, both research-focused and practical, he realized that he was more interested in the former than the latter. IE University, he says, makes it possible to change your path and discover your true interests.

Sho encourages first-year students to be flexible about their career and future plan. It is great to have an ambition, but sticking too stubbornly to one idea could hinder you from finding something you are truly interested in. You have four years to think a lot about it, Sho says. Open your mind and do something you have never experienced, or even try something you think you don’t like. After trial and error, you will find something you enjoy. Sho’s sincere message to new students is this: “I hope you can find your dream at IE University.”


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