2020 Sovereign Wealth Funds | IE University

Sovereign wealth funds were most active in the technology (25% of deals), services (18%) and life sciences (17.6%) sectors, according to the 2020 Sovereign Wealth Funds Report by IE University and ICEX-Invest in Spain

There were 95 active sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) managing more than $9 trillion of assets for the first time, an 8% increase over the previous year.

The sectors in which SWFs were most active were technology, with 25% of deals; services (18%) and life sciences (17.6%), according to the latest 2020 Sovereign Wealth Funds Report, drawn up by IE University’s Center for the Governance of Change, in partnership with ICEX-Invest in Spain and presented today. The report analyzes 165 deals worth $43 billion. The USA, UAE, China, India and Mexico accounted for the largest share of sovereign investment in the period under study.

According to its authors, the period showed a recovery in infrastructure, linked to natural gas, transport and telecommunications, following a detailed analysis of the 42 industries in which investments were made. The interest in real estate also continued, with strong investment in the industrial segment (warehouses, logistics centers and industrial premises), together with counter-cyclical investment in offices and hotels, both pre- and post-pandemic, which are proving highly lucrative for long-term investors.

03 Mar 2021


IE University's International Women's Month

Princess of Asturias Laureate Mary Beard and Indian writer Namita Gokhale headline IE University’s International Women’s Month

The Liquid Learning Ebook will gather all the activities of the month. Photo by Roberto Arribas.

02 Mar 2021


Isabel Díaz Ayuso - South Summit | IE University

Isabel Díaz Ayuso presents the open line against hyper-regulation at the South Summit Governing Council, at IE University

The presentation took place at the South Summit meeting held at IE University today.

01 Mar 2021


IE University's Humanities Week

IE University’s Humanities Week analyzes the impact of art and the humanities on the perception of the world

Students will be able to attend a digital meeting with The Fuzzie and the Techie author Scott Hartley, as well as visit the Marlborough Gallery.

22 Feb 2021


Arts & Humanities

Fundación Mapfre and IE University select 27 innovative projects aimed at making the world and people’s lives better

Entrepreneurs will compete for 90,000 euros in prizes and will receive mentoring to reach potential investors.

18 Feb 2021


Scholarships, Awards & Contests
IE University to promote social and environmental impact projects

IE University to promote social and environmental impact projects in 2021, in line with the United Nations SDGs

IE University will increase the percentage of hours students, faculty, and staff work on initiatives that have a positive impact on society by 25%.

17 Feb 2021


On Campus

IE University Announces Gurus and Griots Fellowship for African and Afro-descendent Leaders

The yearlong program aims to attract African and Afro-descendent leaders in business, policy, and academia.

Applications are now open for IE University’s premier Gurus and Griots fellowship program, a selective, cohort-based fellowship hosted by the IE Africa Center that puts African and Afro-descendent leaders front and center as educators and representatives of IE University.

The yearlong program – which aims to attract African and Afro-descendent leaders in business, policy, and academia – will address global challenges and help develop and showcase the unique perspectives of the fellows, incorporating their work into the IE University ecosystem. The group of fellows will be divided into practitioners – the gurus with influential ideas or business theories – and academic innovators – the griots who focus on scholarly research and take their name from Africa’s storytellers, poets, and musicians, who known to carry a wealth of tradition.

04 Feb 2021


Scholarships, Awards & Contests

South Summit and IE University hold the first ‘Virtual South Summit’ of 2021 on the keys to transforming global challenges into opportunities

This first Virtual South Summit will bring together entrepreneurs such as Juan Urdiales, Alejandro Artacho, Pepita Marín or Alberto Martínez ...

27 Jan 2021



IE University will inaugurate the IE Tower in September 2021 to promote education as key to sustainable development

With a capacity for 6,000 students, IE Tower will boost the economic growth of northern Madrid.

21 Jan 2021


On Campus

South Summit and IE University will organize digital meetings to promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem in 2021

Meetings will take place throughout the year in response to the challenges facing the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

20 Jan 2021



IE University celebrates the graduation of 600 students hailing from more than 70 countries with astronaut Cady Coleman’s masterclass

The digital immersive event was held from the Aula Magna of the IE University campus in Segovia.

18 Dec 2020


On Campus

Technology, sustainability and critical thinking, the focus of IE University’s humanities module

The module, developed by the IE Arts and Humanities Division, has adapted its academic offer.

09 Dec 2020


Arts & Humanities

IE University China Center presents joint report on Family Businesses in China with Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

The report examines the role of private family-run enterprises and the challenges they face in the near future.

23 Nov 2020



IE University and Amazon boost the digitization of Spanish SMEs with free online training programs

IE University is part of the Amazon Despega programme, an initiative to boost the digitization of more than 50,000 Spanish SMEs after the pandemic.

IE University and Amazon today launched a series of free online training programs, aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs interested to launch their business online or expand their knowledge on digital strategy and e-commerce to grow in Spain and internationally. The program is part of the Amazon Despega initiative, which aims to help more than 50,000 SMEs in Spain after the pandemic and will allow small and medium-sized enterprises with little digital experience or those interested in starting their digital journey, to go deeper into different knowledge areas including the development of a business plan, the creation of a marketing strategy, the fundamentals for increasing their online presence, sales management, funding and exports.

12 Nov 2020


Scholarships, Awards & Contests