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New Digital Learning Ranking Positions IE University 24th in the World

New Digital Learning Ranking | IE University

Madrid Ranks as the 9th city hub in the world for digital education and careers.

A new ranking from Times Higher Education (THE) and the French consultancy Emerging analyzes the best academic institutions in the world to train digital leaders. IE University ranks 24th amongst the world’s best universities for a digital education and 19th in the world for digital entrepreneurship.

Additionally, the ranking considers the global cities in which universities and companies have formed the best dynamic digital clusters for study and work. In this section, Madrid is rising as major place for employability, coming in at 9thworldwide.

Madrid will be further consolidated as a hub for study and work in September 2021, when IE University will inaugurate its IE Tower. The new vertical, technological, and sustainable headquarters in the north of Madrid is part of IE University’s mission to promote education as key to sustainable development.

“The IE Tower reinforces our commitment to drive positive change through education, research, and innovation,” commented Santiago Iñiguez, IE University President.

“The opening of the IE Tower confirms Madrid’s position as a leading global educational hub, a distinction recognized by this recent Digital Learning ranking from THE and Emerging.”

Santiago Iñiguez, IE University President

During the 2020–2021 academic year, IE University launched its Liquid Learning model, a strategic commitment to transform its educational experience. With more than 20 years’ experience in the design of online training, our programs now have an innovative format that integrates on-campus classroom learning with hybrid sessions. Students who are physically in the classroom and those who are connected online collectively enjoy the same immersive experience, as well as asynchronous sessions that encourage individual work.

“For students, developing a digital mindset and acquiring cross-disciplinary digital skills is a must-have to become strong candidates for jobs post-graduation,” said Sandrine Belloc, Managing Partner at Emerging. “This new one-of-a-kind ranking helps to shine a light on the global institutions who are championing digital education studies worldwide, and in turn, developing the digital leaders of tomorrow.”

The Digital Learnings Rankings scores institutions across six metrics covering the full scope of digital education (computer degrees, data science and AI degrees, digital training formats, digital entrepreneurship programs, online professional training and executive programs, and institutions with the most innovative learning formats.) More information about the methodology can be found here.