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Pablo Isla: “The most important thing in an organization is the people”

Pablo Isla | IE University

The President of Inditex gave the keynote speech at the IE University graduation ceremony, which was held in an immersive and disruptive technological environment with the participation of more than 3,000 students from 140 countries.

Pablo Isla, Chairman of Inditex, emphasized today at IE University’s graduation ceremony that “the most important thing in an organization is the people,” citing as an example the commitment and dedication from the people who make up Inditex around the world during the pandemic.

In his keynote speech, held in an immersive and disruptive technological environment, Isla spoke to more than 3,000 students from 140 countries about what he considers the five essential cornerstones for creating companies: people are the priority of any organization; passion is the main driver of work; commitment is necessary to make a difference; the importance of listening and learning from a humble perspective; and perseverance in the search for excellence.

IE University graduation ceremony

The graduation celebrations of IE University’s Class of 2020 will continue this afternoon with Dani García, a three-star Michelin chef of international standing who will be in charge of cooking the online graduation dinner with the graduates and their families. Then, later tonight, Steve Aoki, Grammy nominated DJ and producer who performs on the world’s biggest stages, will be hooking up from his studio in Los Angeles and playing music in celebration.

Undergraduate, graduate, and executive education students will also be participating in a session on mindfulness with Dr. Mario Alonso Puig, President of the IE University Center for Health, Wellbeing and Happiness. In addition, they will be able to compete in an exclusive Fortnite Tournament and virtual Escape Room where their ingenuity and intelligence will be put to the test.

“We will always remember the Class of 2020 as one of IE University’s most resilient, committed, and entrepreneurial.”

Santiago Iñiguez de Onzoño, President of IE University

“This year, we have organized a digital event that combines solemnity and celebration and, above all, recognizes the value of these graduates. We hope to send them off with a truly memorable event and wish them luck in creating a more sustainable, fair, and equitable world,” said Santiago Iñiguez de Onzoño, President of IE University.

Last June, IE University presented its strategic commitment to liquid learning, a unique training model that transforms the educational experience. The programs will have an innovative design that integrates classroom sessions on campus; hybrid sessions with some students in the classroom and others simultaneously connected online with the same immersive experience, and asynchronous sessions to encourage individual work.