Amigo Network

About the Network

The Amigo Network is an outreach initiative for Exchange Students visiting us each semester.

It offers these students the company of our volunteer student buddies (or Amigos) who personally show them around campus and the local city during the first weeks of their experience at IE University.

If you are an Exchange Student:

You can get in touch online with your Amigo before your arrival on campus, a perfect moment to ask about Spain, classes, professors, activities, places to visit, etc. That way, when you start classes, you will already have a friend! We want you to feel comfortable and motivated to actively participate in our community.

Meet our students and get involved in the many activities that the different departments and student clubs organize every month to fully enjoy your experience at IEU.

What does an Amigo do?


Get answers to practical questions that Exchange Students (called Amiguees within the network) may have prior to arrival at IE University, as well as providing any advice or suggestions that the Amigo thinks could be useful.



An Amigo can act as a  guide in the first weeks the Amiguees are on campus, exposing and encouraging them to actively participate in events and activities organized by our community.



The name says it all! An Amigo can be a great point of introduction to meeting different circles of potential friends and contacts at IEU.

For more information about the Amigo Network, contact us.