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Living in Madrid

As the nation's capital, Madrid is the epicenter of Spanish culture, business, and politics. In Spain, all roads lead not to Rome, but to Madrid. Strategically located in the center of the country, it is the starting point of all the main highways and high speed train lines which connect it to all major Spanish cities.

Our Campus is located at the epicenter of a vibrant and exciting city.

sunny days per year

Diverse, inclusive and unique student community.

The city of Madrid is synonymous with vibrant nightlife and great entertainment, and is bursting with art and culture.

km away from the city center

Several accommodation options for newcomers.

Residences. Apartment rental. Room rental.

At IEU you will explore the world through your own eyes, evolve as a professional and grow as a person!

Clubs at your disposal

Students, Clubs and Student Life know how to keep it interesting!

Daily adventures are part of our Student Life motto and we work with students in order to live up to it!

Accommodation in Madrid

Madrid is a safe and exciting city to live in with multiple accommodation options near Campus. Find the option that suits you best.

Residences and Rentals

We recommend first year students to attend Residences in order to smoothen the transition form home to a new city, whilst making great friends for life.

Students with a more independent spirit can rent an apartment or room in a shared flat with peers.

Getting Around

Getting around Madrid is simple once you become familiarized with the available transportation options, health centers, youth benefits and banking services.

Cost of Living in Madrid

The cost of life in Madrid may vary according to each student's needs and lifestyle. The table below serves as a guide to mix and match budgets to elaborate your own. Please, do not hesitate to contact IEU Student Life ( further information and tips.

800€ - 1,500€
Renting an Apartment
600€ - 1,300€
Renting a Room
350€ - 700€
40€ - 100€
Personal expenses/extras
100€ - 200€
Bus Tickets
1,50 €
Lunch in Campus
Dinner entrée at a mid-range, sit-down restaurant
15 €

1,100€ - 1,600€

Monthly Budget

There is no better life than that of a Student!

University memories endure through life. At IEU you will explore the world through your own eyes, evolve as a professional and grow as a person!

Come to us for support!

Do you have any great ideas/projects in mind? Do you simply need support with something specific? We are here to help! Learn what we can do for you here (Student Office section in this web).

Student life

5 Things you MUST DO upon arrival

1. Find Accommodation. 2. Open a Bank Account. 3. Get a phone and/or internet contract. 4. Pick your preferred transportation mechanism. 5. Identify health services nearby. Need counseling?

Find all the necessary information to walk through this list here

Did you know that Madrid, Spain’s capital, and Segovia, a city known for its 15 km long aqueduct and amazing cuisine, are only 30 minutes away apart by high-speed train? That’s right! And since going to university is not only about studying, but also about making the most of the city’s culture, surroundings and lifestyle, we welcome you to come and experience it all first hand.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing IE University is that you get to not only experience one city, but two. Whether you choose the Segovia campus, known for its historic building declared a national heritage site in 1931, or the urban Madrid campus, one thing is guaranteed: You will get to meet new people from more than 100 countries, learn about different cultures and travel between the two cities while enjoying your favorite landmarks and typical dishes!

Are you wondering what there is to see and do in Segovia and Madrid? Look no further! Check out our guide of both, complete with maps and student testimonials, and start making plans.