About IEU Mentoring & Counselling

Successfully balancing academic work, extracurricular activities and social life is important for our students at IE University. Finding the desired balance is a process that takes individual effort and time, and one of the University’s fundamental roles is to provide the proper resources and infrastructure to facilitate such a process.

In order to ensure our students’ well-being on their path through university every step of the way, we firmly believe that helping them strike a balance between academic obligations, extracurricular activities and social life is of the highest importance. IEU Mentoring & Counselling serves our students by providing resources and support to help them achieve and maintain that equilibrium.

How is this accomplished?

  • We reach out to freshmen through the IEU Mentorship Program, which assigns freshmen students (Mentees) to an elder pupil and friend (Mentor) that helps them learn the ropes both within campus walls and in their lives outside them.
  • We organize a network of host IEU students, or Amigos, to welcome and socialize with our recently arrived Exchange Students to get them off and running as quickly as possible.
  • We offer workshops where professional psychologists provide tips and advice in order to help students learn the skills necessary to cope with adversity (exam stress, anxiety, emotional challenges, etc.).
  • Finally, students who are experiencing difficulties or distress at either the personal or the academic level are invited to contact our Head Mentors, who can refer students to the services of a qualified professional if required.


The sections below explain the different services that IE University has in place:

Health and Safety at IEU

Essentials about health and safety at IEU.

Mentorship Program

For incoming freshmen and volunteer student mentors.

Amigo Program

For exchange students and volunteer student “buddies”.