Health and Safety


Hospital Universitario de “La Princesa”
Address: Calle Diego de León, 62
Contact Info: (+34) 91 520 2485 (24hrs)

Hospital Universitario “La Paz”
Address: Paseo de la Castellana 261
Phone: (+34) 91 727 7000 (24hrs)

Hospital General Universitario “Gregorio Marañón”
Address: Calle Doctor Esquerdo, 46
Phone: (+34) 91 586 8000 (24hrs)


Centro III Ambulatorio San Lorenzo (Outpatients only)
Address: Calle Los Novillos, s/n
Phone: (+34) 921 412 933
Emergencies: (+34) 921 413 373

Hospital General de Segovia
Address: Carretera de Ávila, s/n
Phone: (+34) 921 419 100 (24hrs)

Hospital de la Misericordia
Address: Calle Doctor Velasco, 3
Phone: (+34) 921 460 115 (24hrs)

Private Heathcare

Many of our students coming from EU countries and all of our students from non-EU countries study at IE University with a private insurance plan. Most insurance companies work with specific health care providers, whose list should be available on your insurance company’s website.

Below is a recommendation of one private hospital that has a wide experience catering to the international community living in or close to Madrid:

Hospital Universitario “HM Madrid”
Address: Pza. Conde Valle de Suchil, 16
Phone: (+34) 629 824 020 / 629 823 493 (24hrs)
Outpatient Appointments: (+34) 629 823 493

HM Hospitales has a network of hospitals in Madrid, each with the capacity to attend any medical issue and endowed with the latest innovations to guarantee its patients’ well-being.

They manage an International Department with services that include:

- 24/365 Emergency medical assistance
- Outpatient consultations with all specialties
- 24/365 language interpreting service
- Direct billing to your insurance
- Personalized medical assistance


The Student Office offers our IEU students the option of receiving guidance from the Head Mentor.

The Head Mentor is available to individually listen to students’ concerns about their emotional needs or difficulties in their personal/academic lives.

For cases requiring further assistance, IE University works closely with SINEWS, our trusted mental healthcare provider. For more information, please contact


Address: Calle Zurbano 34, 1-Izq (Madrid)

Phone: (+34) 91 700 1979


SINEWS is IE University’s partner multilingual therapeutic center with a broad clinical experience with international university students. Its multidisciplinary team consists of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and speech therapists. The professional staff follows a strict confidentiality protocol to provide the best care to their patients. For more information, you may contact SINEWS directly or send an email to



In case of illness or a medical emergency, it is important that you are aware of where the nearest health centers or hospitals are located.

If you are a holder of a private insurance plan, please be well-informed about how it works and carry the insurance card on you at all times.

If you are ill and prefer an English-speaking doctor, please ask for our recommended list by contacting the Student Office at

The Spanish Red Cross encourages you to identify your emergency contact in your mobile phone by including “AA” before the person’s name, e.g., “AA IE John Smith”.

Toxicology Center: 91 562 0420 (24hrs)
Emergency Number 24 hours: 112
Witness or victim of a crime (Police): 091 (Spanish) / 902 102 112 (English)




International Students from EU Member States

The European Health Card may be used in any public healthcare establishment in Spain. You need to apply for this card in your home country. Alternatively, you may contract a private health insurance.

International Students from Non-EU Member States

The Spanish Government requires international students from non-EU member states to be covered by a comprehensive* private insurance plan that is valid in Spain and internationally.

Depending on the terms and conditions of your private health insurance, doctor’s appointments and hospitalization may only be available in specific medical centers. Please contact your insurance provider in order to request a list of partner hospitals or health centers near your living area.

* Coverage of medical expenses and repatriation costs due to illness or accident.