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In the Photography and Video Production program, students dive into the basics of visual media. First, they cover the fundamentals of still photography, including image composition, editing, manipulation and output, as well as the creation of image sequences and series. They then learn about video and sound recording, planning a video shoot and lighting a scene. Lastly, they are introduced to audiovisual editing and post-production principles.

Coursework is completed both individually and in groups, and helps to prepare students for more advanced content creation and video production courses in the future. The knowledge that they gain allows them to successfully carry out their final projects.
Our student said:

"I completed this photoshop editing project in the first semester of my first year. As it was my first time using Adobe Photoshop, I was initially quite intimidated. But thankfully, I was able to apply all the practical skills I gained in this class to the project—and they became the foundations of everything I’m working on today! It taught me that no matter how overwhelming a new program may seem at first, it just takes time to learn its language."- Cindia Escalante