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Sego Balloons

This short video was created as online promotional material for an upcoming balloon festival in Segovia. For over two months, the students worked with the company "Siempre en las Nubes", from concept development to production, at IEU's CommLab. Since the festival was organized in partnership with the city hall, one of the client’s requirements was to include shots of balloons alongside different Segovian landmarks.
Our team of six students, led by lab director Diana Gómez, filmed balloon flights on several occasions. We received notice just a day or two before each balloon flight, and distributed available team members in different strategic locations around Segovia to get the widest variety of angles. With all of the material we generated, we were able to find the best shots during the post-production process, and add another layer of storytelling through music, editing, and sound design.

Since the piece was made to be seen online and on social media, we added dynamically integrated text with information about the upcoming festival so audiences were able to watch the video quickly and understand the message on the go, even without sound.