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Slice of Life

This course immerses students in the basics of photography and video production, from pre-production to shooting and post. Students learn basic principles for creating image and audiovisual content, preparing them to pursue more advanced courses in content creation and video production. Beginning with an introduction to the basics of still photography, students will then dive into video and sound recording, discovering how to plan a video shoot and properly light a scene. Finally, students explore post-production, where they transcode dailies with Adobe Media Encoder and carry out basic post-production work using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Designing homes

Designing Homes was our final project for the Photography and Video Production course. The slice of life explored the lives of two successful interior designers, who inspired us with their passion and creativity. Making the video was an amazing learning experience and allowed us to put our technical skills to the test. This was our first-ever video production assignment and, although there are aspects we could have improved, we were all extremely proud of the final product.