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COVID-19: State of Alarm and Update of Measures in Madrid and Castilla y León

With the aim of controlling the spread of the COVID-19-19 virus, the Spanish Government decreed, on October 25, a national State of Alarm.

The measures that have been approved both at the national and regional levels, in Madrid and Castilla y León, do not affect our academic activity, which continues as normal. IE University will inform students, faculty, and staff of any changes, in a fast and transparent manner.

During the national State of Alarm:

  • The movement of people on roads and spaces of public transport is prohibited between 23:00 and 6:00, except for essential activities. The regional authorities may advance or delay this timing in their region by one hour, so the curfew could begin between the hours of 22:00 and 00:00 and end between 5:00 and 7:00.
  • Each autonomous community may restrict the entry and exit of people of each autonomous community or city, except for essential activities.
  • Gatherings in public and private spaces is limited to a maximum of six people, except in the case of people living together. Each autonomous community may reduce the number from six, except in the case of people living together, or establish measures of flexibility. This regulation not affect labor or institutional activities.
  • Capacity in places of worship and demonstrations may be limited.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, IE University has worked in close contact with the health authorities. The measures that have been approved at the end of October both at the national level as well as at the regional level in Madrid and Castilla y León do not affect the current academic activity of our institution, which will continue as normal. If there is any change, we will inform the students, teachers and staff, in line with our policy of prompt communication and transparency.


National measures for San José and Easter 2021


For the San José and the Easter holiday 2021, the Autonomous Communities will observe a perimeter closure March 17 and 21, 2021 in those territories celebrating the March 19 holiday. Likewise, there will be a perimeter closure in the Autonomous Communities for the Easter holiday, from March 26 to April 9, 2021. The Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands are excluded from this limitation and entry into their territories will be limited to what has been established in the Royal Decree 926/2020 of October 25 (Spanish).


Mobility will be restricted between at least 23:00 and 6:00, and meetings will be kept to a maximum of four people in closed public spaces and six in open spaces, except in the case of cohabitants. In private spaces, meetings will be limited to cohabitants.


The Government of the Community of Madrid and the Government of Castilla y León have already approved measures that remain within the state of alarm approved by the Government.  They are as follows:


Update of the situation in Madrid

Until April 12, meetings in homes and private spaces is limited to people from the same group of cohabitants, other than the exceptions included in the BOCM decree (Spanish), which refer to people who live alone, for example, or care for minors, sick or dependents.

Furthermore, public establishments must close by 22:00, except for those that provide essential services. The hotel and restaurant establishments may close at 23:00, being prohibited the entry of new diners after 22:00.

In addition, the following measures are in effect in the region:

  • Maximum capacity of university campuses and sports facilities, including university libraries, is 50%.
  • University sports facilities and student residences must close at 22:00.
  • The maximum occupancy in hotel and restaurant establishments will be four people per table indoors and six people per table at outdoor terraces.
  • Activities at cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, and similar spaces may end after 22:00 so long as they began prior to 22:00 and attendees are able to comply with the mobility limitation measures.
  • As a general rule, all location capacities are at a maximum of 50%, except for terraces, which remain at 75%.


Update of the situation in Segovia (Castilla y León)

The Junta de Castilla y León has announced that meetings in public and private spaces are limited to four people unless they are living together. Castilla y León continues in a situation of perimeter closure as a whole, and from 22:00 until 6:00 individuals can only circulate on public roads for essential activities.

In addition, the Junta de Castilla y León has approved the following measures:

  • In hotels and restaurants, there is a limitation of 33% capacity and consumption on premises must be done sitting at the table. The maximum occupancy is six individuals per table. The terraces may not exceed a 75% capacity.
  • Cinemas, museums, and exhibition halls have a 33% capacity limitation.
  • Shopping centers and retail stores have a 33% capacity limitation, both indoors and in common areas.
  • The practice of outdoor sports is maintained without restrictions, but the general individual preventive measures must be respected. In gyms and sports centers the maximum capacity is 33%.
  • sports facilities and centers for physical activity other than outdoors activities.
  • eating establishments, with exceptions that include take-out, home delivery, terrazas, hotel restaurants and similar tourist offerings, health and social center services, school cafeterias, and restaurant services in work centers, among others.
  • large commercial establishments, except for food retailers, staple products, and individual establishments of less than 2,500 square meters of retail space with direct and independent access from the outside.


All other establishments, activities, and services that are permitted must close by 20:00, unless considered essential.

These measures will not affect the University cafeteria and outdoors sports facilities, which will continue to operate as normal.

In general, the Junta de Castilla y León has extended the alert level 4 and limited entry and exit of the territory of the entire Community from 00:00 until the end of the state of alarm.


For additional information on these regulations, students can contact the Program Office.