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COVID-19: State of Alarm and Update of Measures in Madrid and Castilla y León

With the aim of controlling the spread of the COVID-19-19 virus, the Spanish Government decreed, on October 25, a national State of Alarm. This measure will end at 00:00 hours on November 9, 2020, withstanding extensions that may be established.

During the established period:

  • The movement of people on roads and spaces of public transport is prohibited between 23:00 and 6:00, except for essential activities. The regional authorities may advance or delay this timing in their region by one hour, so the curfew could begin between the hours of 22:00 and 00:00 and end between 5:00 and 7:00.
  • Each autonomous community may restrict the entry and exit of people of each autonomous community or city, except for essential activities.
  • Gatherings in public and private spaces is limited to a maximum of six people, except in the case of people living together. Each autonomous community may reduce the number from six, except in the case of people living together, or establish measures of flexibility. This regulation not affect labor or institutional activities.
  • Capacity in places of worship and demonstrations may be limited.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, IE University has worked in close contact with the health authorities. The measures that have been approved at the end of October both at the national level as well as at the regional level in Madrid and Castilla y León do not affect the current academic activity of our institution, which will continue as normal. If there is any change, we will inform the students, teachers and staff, in line with our policy of prompt communication and transparency.

The Government of the Community of Madrid and the Government of Castilla y León have already approved measures that remain within the state of alarm approved by the Government.  They are as follows:

Update of the situation in Madrid

The government of the Community of Madrid has published, on October 29, a decree that limits the entry and exit of people from the territory of the Community of Madrid, except to carry out essential activities. The mobility restriction will occur from 00:00 on Friday, October 30 until 00:00 on Tuesday, November 3 and from 00:00 on Friday, November 6 until 00:00 on Tuesday, November 10.  These periods coincide with the holiday weekends of Todos los Santos and Almudena, respectively.

At present, the mobility restriction of 0:00 on November 9 to 0:00 on November 10, is conditional on the Spanish Government’s extension of the national State of Alarm.

The measures announced on October 23, and which came into effect on October 24 in the city of Madrid and 11 other municipalities in the region, remain in force.

The main applicable measures are as follows:

  • Meetings in public and private spaces are limited to six people unless they are living together.
  • From 00:00 to 6:00, individuals can only circulate on public roads for essential activities.
  • Maximum capacity of university campuses and sports facilities, including university libraries, is 50%.
  • University sports facilities and student residences must close at 00:00.
  • Hospitality venues, cinemas, theaters, sports facilities, university residences, parks, gardens, and gaming and betting establishments must close at 00:00.
  • All shops not considered essential must close at 22:00 and cannot open before 06:00.
  • As a general rule, all location capacities are at a maximum of 50%, except for terraces, which remain at 75%.

Thirty-two basic health zones have been established and 12 municipalities will have increased limitations on mobility. The municipalities are: Madrid capital, Collado Villalba, Guadarrama, Majadahonda, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Parla, Colmenar Viejo, Morata de Tajuña, Torrejón de Ardoz, El Boalo, Villarejo de Salvanés and Colmenar de Oreja. The mobility restrictions at the entrances and exits of the basic health areas selected by the General Directorate of Public Health will come into effect on Monday, October 26.

In these basic health areas, there will be strict vigilance and control of positive isolations and quarantines.

Update of the situation in Segovia (Castilla y León)

The government of Castilla y León published, on October 29 in the Official Bulletin of Castilla y León (BOCYL), new mobility restrictions.

The entry and exit of people from the territory of the Community of Castilla y León is restricted, except to carry out essential activities. The use of transport and roads that pass or cross the region is permitted provided that both origin and destination are outside the territory of the Community of Castilla y León.

This new measure will begin on Friday, October 30 at 14:00 and end on Monday, November 9 at 14:00.

Social and family gatherings continue to be limited to six people, both in public and private spaces.


For additional information on these regulations, students can contact the Program Office