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Updated Information. 02 March, 01:00 pm

We have confirmed an additional IE student who has tested positive for COVID-19. This student was visiting Madrid from February 17th to the 22nd to attend the residential period of a part time Master’s program after which he traveled to Italy and then returned to Madrid. The student reported having felt the first symptoms on February 23rd, 1 day after completing his residential period on our Madrid campus. He is currently hospitalized in Madrid and being well-attended medically.

We are in touch with the student and closely following his condition. In conjunction with local authorities, we are also working to gather information about any fellow students, professors, or staff members who might have been in close contact with him.

Our Bachelor’s student in Segovia who tested positive for COVID-19 after returning from a trip to Italy continues to be monitored in the hospital in Segovia and is doing well. We send each of these two students our support and best wishes. We also continue to monitor the members of our community who were exposed, during a basketball game, to an IE alumnus who tested positive for COVID-19.

We are working in close coordination with the Spanish health authorities, who are supporting the measures we have activated and are keeping us up-to-date about the situation.

The current plan is as follows:

Following the recommendations of the health authorities, our campuses in Madrid and in Segovia remain open and all face-to-face classes will continue be held. That said, we have made provisions for students to attend classes online, starting tomorrow, in the case that they are under quarantine, have underlying medical conditions, or are otherwise concerned. We want to assure all students, professors and members of our staff that what is most important now is to make prudent decisions about their own health as well as the health of others. We ask students who wish to attend classes online to contact their program staff.

We want to emphasize our commitment to protect the safety of our community, to keep everyone informed and to maintain the continuity of our academic activity.