HiOP 101: Scaleup: How to successfully manage growth

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Scaleup: How to successfully manage growth in a nutshell

Entrepreneurship, and bringing your company to scale, is not a rosy experience. Many entrepreneurship programs focus on the beginning stages from ideation to pitching to VC’s and Business Angels. The scale-up phase is equally important but is not as well-recognized academically. Scaleup: How to successfully manage growth presents the challenges that come when a company has already been validated and is ready to scale. Throughout the program, you’ll get an honest view of the good, the bad, and the ugly that come at this critical juncture for growth.

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What are you going to see in Scaleup: How to successfully manage growth

Startup to Scale Up: A Program On What To Do Once The Company Starts To Grow is divided into four modules:

  1. Understanding Scale-up
  2. Product and Market
  3. Operations and Execution
  4. Culture and Team.

After starting off with a deep dive into the concept of the scale-up, you’ll identify your situation in the startup to scaleup stage and adapt your company accordingly. Once you have your context concerning the concept, it’s time for you to take advantage of risk and run towards it. Having the solid understanding of your business model’s growth potential will let you capitalize on exponentiality, one of the primary drivers for successfully scaling. Once you have the product-market equation straightened out, it’s time to take the best concepts from management and operation to continue growth. Supply and demand make or breaks your business. Thus, taking care of your operations, along with taking the best principles from management disciplines to ensure you manage growth well, are essential to sustaining a healthy scale. Finally, corporate culture is another critical factor. Some founders deliberately design it; others create it in a vacuum and results in being something destructive.

At the end of the program, you’ll be able to meet the following learning objectives:

  • Identify your situation in the startup to scaleup stage, and adapt your company accordingly.
  • Take advantage of risk and be able to run towards it, so you can also take advantage of one of the main drivers of successful scaling: exponentiality.
  • Learn from other disciplines of management how growth occurs, and how to manage it.
  • Create and manage the culture for your company. There’s always a culture, the question is whether you design it or it happens by accident.
  • Be able to match supply with demand by learning from the well-established field of operations


Is  Scaleup: How to successfully manage growth right for me?

Are you ready to go beyond the success of creating your enterprise and into accelerated growth? Are you prepared to level up towards higher market share and profits? If you answered yes to these questions, that means this HiOP is right for you. That means you’re an owner, founder, and/or entrepreneur that has successfully validated your business model ready for what comes next.

Scaleup: How to successfully manage growth is also right for you if:

  • You have already started a company, have proved their business model, and want to take it to the next level using accelerated growth
  • You’re an entrepreneur thinking about starting your venture and want to be aware of the transition between startup and scaleup to foresee potential medium-term issues
  • You’re an investor thinking about putting money into early-stage startups and want to understand the challenges faced at scaleup level and incorporate those factors into their decision-making process
  • You’re a Venture Capitalist, and you want to broaden their knowledge and evaluation criteria to understand the scaleup stage of enterprise growth


What makes  Scaleup: How to successfully manage growth unique?

While a lot of the attention is placed on startups, figuring out what’s next is what makes this HiOP different from all the rest. Professor Joe Haslam, who will be guiding you throughout your journey towards scaling up, is a wealth of knowledge for those looking to move into this next phase of the business lifecycle. With tremendous experience in starting, scaling, selling, and advising companies, he is a great resource for navigating the ins and outs of the European entrepreneurial scene.


Participants will enjoy interviews with other experts in the field. They include IE Business School Dean and Professor of Marketing Martin Boehm(a marketing expert specialized in pricing strategy) and Director of the Center for Diversity in Global Management and Director of the Saudi-Spanish Center for Islamic Economics and Finance at IE Business School Celia de Anca
. Other experts interviewed are as follows: Founder of Room Mate Hotels Kike Sarasola, Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Global CEO, President for Europe, Middle East & India of 3AWW, Javier Goyeneche founder of Ecoalf, Liz Fleming, Principal at Adara Ventures, and Carto COO Miguel Arias.


Another advantage, as we mentioned before, is the section on operations management, which will see insights from Professor Daniel Corsten, an expert in Operations and Supply Chain Management. To properly scale, you must ensure the company’s processes are best adequate to the business’s supply and demand are a critical area that enterprises should focus on as they move to scale.

Plus, you’ll be able to pitch your plan to potential investors in The Golden Pitch. Read on for more.


How can I join in on the action?

For more information, click here to download our brochure. If you’re ready to apply to the next
Scaleup: How to successfully manage growth intake, click here to get started.

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