24 February 2020

Turning Disruption into Dominance: How to harness innovation for growth

Uncertainty endures in the cut-throat world of business, making innovation more important than ever. Globalization and technological advancements continue to confront companies with as many challenges […]
24 February 2020
design thinking

Hype or hero: Is design thinking the answer to your business woes?

All companies come up against obstacles. Today’s competitive global markets, fast-changing technological landscape and increased public demand for transparency pose challenges for businesses of all shapes […]
28 October 2019

¿Cuáles son los nuevos retos de la innovación en el Sector Inmobiliario?

Descubre cómo acceder al universo Proptech La introducción de las últimas tecnologías e innovaciones en todos los sectores de la economía también está transformando el sector […]
5 September 2019

Aprende a planificar la Transformación Digital de tu PYME

La transformación digital que está revolucionando todo el panorama empresarial supone todo un desafío para muchas pymes. Aunque logren identificar sus necesidades tecnológicas, suelen encontrar dificultades […]
26 August 2019

¿Qué es el lujo? 7 nuevas perspectivas que cambiarán tu visión del sector

La directora de nuestro programa de Gestión y Marketing de Productos y Servicios de Lujo, Susana Campuzano, ha invitado a personalidades del mundo del lujo a […]
24 May 2019

Innovación Disruptiva … o la oportunidad de atreverse Alberto Alcazar

Hace algunos meses realicé un curso muy inspirador llamado Disruptive Innovation, impartido por uno de los padres del concepto de la innovación disruptiva Clayton Christensen. El […]
24 May 2019

Bystander or architect: Are you prepared to deal with the age of disruption?

A new Renaissance, a fourth Industrial Revolution… however you call it, the fragmentation that’s marked the early 21st century stands in stark contrast to the 20th […]
13 March 2019
Ten qualities of a modern leader

Ten qualities of a modern leader

As today’s economic and political environments are full of more moving parts than ever, and competition is causing even more sweeping industrial changes, the ever-present challenge […]
17 February 2019
QUIZ: Should your company conduct a Design Thinking workshop?

QUIZ: Should you conduct a Design Thinking workshop?

First things first, what do you need? You’ll just need a pencil and a piece of paper.   Wait a second, can you give me a […]
8 February 2018
VIPKid, an innovative educational tool that bridges divides

VIPKid, an innovative educational tool that bridges divides

English Language Education Being a native English speaker opens many doors. There are abundant opportunities for North American expatriates in Spain to find work as English […]
17 October 2017
Human ingenuity is your most strategic asset

Human ingenuity is your most strategic asset

The secret to humans’ success Have you ever contemplated what humans’,  in the words of Balvinder Powar, secret sauce consists of? The secret sauce is human […]
17 October 2017

Get Cast Away On Innovation Island

What would you do if you were Tom Hanks in Castaway? That’s the question you’ll find yourself answering as you and your fellow students, albeit without […]