Next-level Digital Education: Launching Liquid Learning at IE University

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We are living through an era of historic change. Recent unprecedented circumstances have revealed the complexities of our modern, globalized world—and with them, a pressing need for innovation.

The global crisis has brought to light a new challenge among academic communities, and it’s becoming clear that we need a different type of education.

We need an immersive and impactful learning experience capable of meeting the new demands of global reach and digital transformation.

Education is vital to overcome today’s challenges. We can’t simply put our learning on hold—in order to adapt, we must devise an approach that is dynamic, fluid and personalized. The future of education will depend on an all-new learning model.

The Power of Digital Formats in Education and Beyond

Today, organizations have reached a critical intersection in their digital development. The choice is straightforward: make the leap towards digital business or risk becoming obsolete. In every industry the stakes are high.

From retail to banking to traditionally “in-person” services like healthcare, the need for rapid and radical digital solutions has become a matter of urgency. In education, the situation is no different and many institutions are now faced with the challenge of updating their programs to make full use of digital capabilities.

There are endless benefits that come with the use of digital formats in education.

By transcending physical barriers, digital education can connect people from distinct parts of the world to build an international community.

In the learning environment, digitally enabled diversity will translate as a wider variety of perspectives, enriching discussions and content. Online learning will also have an enduring relevance when it comes to the job market.

As the professional world increasingly demands digital proficiency, studying in a way that develops electronic skills can prepare students to hit the ground running. The fact is, an online program can combine and deliver the best elements from both in-person and digital formats to make for a modern, varied education with lasting implications in today’s professional world.

Liquid Learning is a Step in the Right Direction

Online learning isn’t just about technology—it’s about the right combination of know-how, processes and faculty.

Rather than depending on outdated styles of teaching, innovative programs should leverage the possibilities of digital processes to develop the skills necessary for solving real-world problems.

That’s where the Liquid Learning model comes in. As a hybrid approach, it succinctly joins the vital components of physical, in-person education with the benefits of the online format. Using the power of cutting-edge technology,  the Liquid Learning model can ensure synchronicity and interactivity on a program—through live lessons, webinars and interactive activities—while also making it accessible from any part of the world.

IE University are Proud Leaders of Innovative Liquid Learning

Designing our programs around the dynamic lives of students has always been a priority at IE University. No matter the circumstances, we are committed to delivering innovative and future-proof programs that will give our graduates the assets they need most. Now, with a renewed significance of digital education, IE University’s visionary Liquid Learning model will expand the limits of education as we know it.

For many years, we’ve been working to optimize our online format to prepare for a new digital reality. Being leaders in digital education, IE University is well-placed to deliver world-class programs using the Liquid Learning model. Up to 70% of our professors already possess extensive experience with distance learning, contributing to the success of our online MBA programs, which have been ranked as the best in the world by the Financial Times and QS.

Having refined our processes, expertise and resources to optimize our teaching, IE University is delighted to offer all programs in a Liquid Learning format for the coming academic year. All students can attend their studies either online or on campus, benefitting from a hybrid educational experience that will integrate new content, learning materials and methodologies. As we enter the next phase of global challenges, IE University will continue to deliver world-class, innovative education.

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