What better way to start the week than with a Math and Stats exam?

Most of my Monday was spent reviewing my materials and using the online references my professor provided to answer the exam questions. There is always a sense of relief and accomplishment when you finish answering the last question. It’s probably what I looked forward to most this week.

Tuesday was coincidentally another Math and Stats double session, and we were made aware that another exam was due in just two weeks! This is an anomaly for sure, as they were more spaced out in the earlier parts of the Bootcamp.

I try to keep Wednesday as a day for respite, as it’s in the middle of what would otherwise be four consecutive days of class. I take it as an opportunity to keep my mind and body healthy, usually with a meal out with the wife and some tennis!

Once Thursday rolls around, it starts to get serious. I know from that point onwards that I’ve basically got a rolling cycle of work, Bootcamp, and back to work for the next two and half days, and tenacity is the name of the game!  Math and Stats take place again on that Thursday.

Friday was a double session with Filippo in the Data Lab. These sessions are always fruitful as everybody gets split up into the project teams. We talked about the next steps, blockers, and everything related to our projects. As always, Filippo gave us a ton of good advice that will be very helpful as we start to build the mold of our machine learning application.

 Saturday was my favorite session of the week. We had a triple session of machine learning with JC and learned about the K-means model and the numerous applications it has.

Overall, it was a tough week, but for me, that translates to a rewarding week.