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I’m Marco Barbieri and I am an Italian living in Brazil. I have a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Padua and an MBA from IE Business School.

I learned back at university how to structure databases by using programming languages like SQL. When, afterward, I started my professional career in management consulting, also my work was related to acquiring, cleaning, structuring, analyzing, and visualizing data from diverse sources, in order to answer complex business questions and recommend solutions to clients.

After time, I lost contact with complex data management and analysis, and now I realize that, with data being the fuel of most technology trends that affect and disrupt different industries, I need to refresh and upgrade my data skills. So, I have decided to enroll in the Data Science Bootcamp, with the goal of becoming a sort of connector/translator between the business and the data & technology worlds.

So far, the Bootcamp experience has been super positive, I learned a lot about Python Coding, refreshed my SQL skills, and consolidated the Statistics knowledge I had from university. Right now, we are deep-diving into Machine Learning and this is for me the best part!

On the other hand, the program is quite intense and it’s good to be prepared for that: it’s a significant number of sessions you need to dedicate during the week and, apart from that, there is a practical project with a real client and real deliverables. Still, it’s that kind of “good” intensity that forces you to learn and grow along the way.

Finally, I really liked the hybrid format of the sessions and the flexibility related to that, at IE they call it liquid learning. As I’m completing the Bootcamp online and with a time difference of 4/5 hours, the main challenge has been mostly on Saturday mornings, when I cannot attend the first sessions of the day. However, professors are recording the sessions, and I am always able to watch them and catch up later, writing them an email if I need anything. This way, doing the Bootcamp online is definitely doable, but if you have a chance to be in Madrid, of course, it’s way better: I’ve been there a couple of days and attended a few sessions in person, so I managed to get closer to the professors and other classmates, also by socializing after class… it was very nice!

All in all, it’s a program that has been worth it for me and I am definitely happy I decided to do it!

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