Omnichannel strategy: 3 reasons to have one (2019)

omnichannel strategy

Time has passed, although technology and social media have reached almost every corner of our lives. Probably you that are on the other side of the screen, have several internet connections around you while you are reading these lines as well as so many devices on your day-to-day activities. Therefore, an Omnichannel strategy has now become an essential tool in adapting to our customers. An Omnichannel strategy is a necessity for the growth of the brands and ensuring the loyalty of clients.

An omnichannel strategy refers to integration of different channels, processes and strategies to engage with consumers anytime, anywhere and on any device. What does integrated shopping experience brings to your mind? Can you imagine yourself walking on the street, passing by a Starbucks and just at that moment, you receive an email from Starbucks inviting you to come in and try their new hot chocolate? No doubt, you will feel a special connection to the brand.

omnichannel strategy

Do you need more reasons to change your marketing strategy to omnichannel strategy? Keep reading:

  1. Personalization

Digital media has opened the opportunity to give much more importance to customers. Customers are able to request what they want and they have become prescribers for services and products. Personalization could be seen as an advantage and it can absolutely change the perspective of the customer and can persuade them to take a positive decision.

There are a lot of brands out there trying to sell something to their target audience. Sending them personalized messages and relevant content adapted to their previous searches will maximize engagement and upselling.


  1. A better customer experience

The online experience must be as good and positive as the face-to-face experience in the store so that they feel comfortable and trust you at any channel. An omnichannel strategy builds a bridge between channels to share information about customers and create for them a global and better experience for them.

Here you can check out 7 Examples of Brands with Excellent Omni-Channel Experiences. Some of the examples are: Disney, Starbucks and Bank of America – market leaders in there respective fields and you know is always recommended to learn from the ones that have been doing great things over time.

customer experience - better omnichannel strategy

  1. Customers are shopping across devices

This means they expect same quality on any channel online and offline. All communication channels must be consistent in terms of the message and this will give the client more confidence. Also, if a customer wants to buy a product online and choose the option to pick it up at the store, then they should be able to.

To get to this point it is necessary to gather data constantly and track channels to understand how are they collaborating to each other. Having all the data will not be enough, you also need quality analysis to be able to take responsible decisions. Attention! Analysis must include offline actions.

To understand how individual digital channels work, what their main traits are and where they fit in in the overall customer journey check out our High Impact Online Program on Digital Marketing, Social Media and Analytics: An Omnichannel Strategy.omnichannel strategy