HiOP 101: Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Analytics: An Omnichannel Strategy

Digital Marketing, Social Media & Analytics: An Omnichannel Strategy in a nutshell

The Digital Marketing, Social Media & Analytics: An Omnichannel Strategy HiOP is for professionals, directors, and businesspeople seeking to update their digital marketing knowledge and know how to integrate digital components into a wider marketing strategy spanning several channels. The program will cover the latest digital marketing and social media trends, analytics tools, key performance indicators (KPIs), and metrics employed to measure campaigns’ efficacy with plenty of practical applications.

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What will you see in Digital Marketing, Social Media & Analytics: An Omnichannel Strategy?

In this HiOP, you will be given the tools you need to make marketing decisions in an increasingly-evolving and complex marketing landscape. That is because modern marketing has evolved to a point where independent, isolated marketing channels now need a higher level of strategic, organizational, and technological integration to work efficiently and meet the ever-growing demands of hyper-connected consumers. As you gain first-hand experience in implementing these strategies, you’ll look at this landscape into four core modules. The modules are as follows:

  • The six steps of the customer journey: your path to an omnichannel company
  • Becoming omnichannel: using social media, mobile ads and a digital marketing plan to make all your channels consistent
  • Using data analytics to enhance the customer experience and it wraps up with
  • Looking to the future: Marketing technology trends.


At the end of the five weeks, you’ll achieve these objectives:

  • Understand the context and characteristics of the different digital channels used in communication and marketing.
  • Integrate the different digital and non-digital channels within the wider marketing plan of an organization.
  • Comprehend the implications of creative, technological and human resources that each of the channels entails.
  • Conduct data analysis to measure the effectiveness and profitability of campaigns across the different digital channels.
  • Be aware of current trends in digital marketing and how to incorporate them into a strategic marketing plan.

Is Digital Marketing, Social Media & Analytics: An Omnichannel Strategy right for me?

Are you a professional who knows plenty about the 4 P’s and traditional methods but struggles to keep up with our constant changing times? If that’s you, you’ve come to the right program.

This HiOP is also ideal if you identify yourself as one of the following:

      • A marketing manager responsible for carrying out digital campaigns on the ground level
      • A digital marketing professional new to your role
      • An entrepreneur whose enterprise has a digital presence
      • A job switcher eyeing to transition into the e-commerce/internet-based business.
      • Someone without any previous digital marketing experience but who actively collaborates with marketing departments in their day-to-day tasks
      • A general professional that happens to be interested in digital marketing


What makes Digital Marketing, Social Media & Analytics: An Omnichannel Strategy unique?

You fit the profile, and you’re looking to join us. But, you question, what makes this HiOP unique from just about any other online digital marketing course?

If we could describe one of this course’s principal advantages in a word, practical would be it. During those five weeks, you’re going to get the ultimate learning by doing experience by gaining expertise in the form of a digital marketing plan. This practical exercise will let you boost and harness the skills you need to carry out as a digital marketing manager in your company. The plan will cover HTML (for live marketing), Google AdWords, and Facebook posts.

Not only will you learn about paid media, which is a fundamental part of the digital marketing equation, but you’ll also gain confidence to handle a paid media budget through a real-live Google AdWords campaign. Once you’re put into small groups, you’ll get €100 to spend on a Google AdWords campaign for a fictitious vegetarian restaurant in different cities throughout Spain. After your practice run at executing a Google AdWords campaign, you’ll feel confident when the time comes to allocate Google AdWords spend as part of your SEM budget.

This HiOP wouldn’t be complete without top-notch faculty and guest speakers. Professor Pedro Moreno de los Ríos, your fearless leader, has extensive experience as a business executive in B2B and B2C companies in sales and Digital Marketing, as well as digital business development, omnichannel e-commerce strategies, inbound marketing, SEM, SEO, programmatic, RTO, CRO, and more. He’s worked in a wide array of companies in size and sector, which include Ogilvy & Mather and Disney Online. Along with teaching and completing his doctorate in Big Data (which will give you a greater understanding of how data is becoming a prominent force in marketing operations), he also advises startups in IE’s Area 31 incubator. Your guest speaker is José Miguel Rico de la Hera, a Partner and Lead for iX in Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Israel at IBM Interactive Experience, a division of IBM. IBM Interactive Experience services clients like Wimbledon, JLR, and Nationwide.

At the end of an experience full of expert knowledge and practical exercises, you’ll be able to plan a current digital market strategy applicable in 2017 and beyond. As we said before, due to the always-changing nature the nature of the sector, we digital marketing professionals are in a constantly-evolving arena that forces us to update our knowledge to keep up with the times incessantly. The strategic framework you’ll learn, based on SMART objectives, will, regardless of technological advances, give you what you need to move forward on initiatives as you always re-evaluate to adapt to the latest trends.

How can I join in on the action?

If you’re craving more about this HiOP, click here to download your copy of our informational brochure. And, if you already know you want to take the lead and join our next intake, you can get started on your application right here.