Digital Marketing, Social Media and Analytics: An Omnichannel Strategy

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January 17th 2018


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Become a Digital Marketing Strategist

This High Impact Online Program is aimed at executives seeking to update their knowledge in digital marketing and its integration within a wider marketing strategy across multiple channels. This is achieved through the study of the latest digital and social media trends as well as the different analytical tools, KPIs and metrics used to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Program Overview

Modern marketing has evolved to a point where independent, isolated marketing channels now need a higher level of strategic, organizational and technological integration in order to function effectively and meet the ever-growing demands of hyper-connected consumers. The complexity of marketing decisions has also grown significantly in the last decade, with a greater number of tools and channels now available to marketers. In this five-week program, you will be introduced to these new digital marketing concepts through four core modules and gain firsthand experience in implementing the latest marketing strategies.
What will you learn during the program?

Understand the context and characteristics of the different digital channels used in communication and marketing.

Integrate the different digital and non-digital channels within the wider marketing plan of an organization.

Understand the implications of creative, technological and human resources that each of the channels entails.

Conduct data analysis to measure the effectiveness and profitability of campaigns across the different digital channels.

Understand current trends in digital marketing and how to incorporate them into a strategic marketing plan.

Program Modules

Module 1: The six steps of the customer journey: your path to an omnichannel company
This module introduces how the new modern marketing landscape evolved, and examines the strategic decisions which organizations need to take to fully develop integrated marketing communications.

Module 2: Becoming omnichannel: using social media, mobile ads and a digital marketing plan to make all your channels consistent
This module explores how individual digital channels work, what their main traits are, and where they fit in in the overall customer journey. Details such as cost and average industry performance will also be addressed for each channel, as well as common formulas used to integrate channels.

Module 3: Using data analytics to enhance the customer experience
In this module, participants will learn how to measure the performance of each individual channel, as well as the overall return on investment of specific marketing campaigns. Theoretical concepts will also be complimented with practical sessions and workshops.

Module 4: Looking to the future: Marketing technology trends
As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, keeping up with the latest trends is essential in digital marketing. This final module will examine the latest developments in fields such as Customer Tracking, Marketing Automation, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

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