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My name is César and I’m a Spanish 34-year-old with experience in business and data analytics. When the project I was working on finished, I thought it would be a good opportunity to take part in the Data Science Bootcamp at IE University to further expand my knowledge on working with data.

Now that we’re in week eight, I can confidently say that it was the right choice. The Data Science Bootcamp is mainly practical, but also provides the mathematical and statistical knowledge you need to correctly understand how to approach different models and analyses. In addition, there are different and interesting sessions that are more business-oriented, which are useful to help you to succeed professionally.

The teachers are completely professional. They have outstanding, up-to-date material and are willing to help you with any questions you may have. I like the teaching methodology a lot because you first learn a lot of theoretical knowledge and then you start putting into practice everything that you learned with didactic and real problems.

The schedules are well-organized, as in the first weeks you have more free time which helps you digest all the new concepts. Now it’s becoming more intense and it’s been challenging to cope with the exams, classes, and coordinating with the team for the Capstone Project; especially last week when we had our exploratory & data analysis presentation.

This week, we are starting to learn machine learning algorithms, which can help you perform many different types of analyses in the real world. It’s amazing to see how insightful the results can be. I’m looking forward to continuing learning!


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