Bootcamp Diary I: Angel

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Meet Angel, the first of our Bootcampers from the new intake to write an entry in the Bootcamp Diary!


Introduce yourself:

I am Angel Morales, a creative and entrepreneurial Computer Science engineer from Madrid, Spain who loves transversal tasks and thinking about new business niches.

What was your favorite part of the week?

It was the meeting with our client (Nielsen) to understand their needs related to the project we are implementing! This is an exciting project!

What was the most challenging part of your week?

I am having plenty of fun during our lectures… but concentrating for 11 hours in a row, especially at maths & stats, can be challenging!

Has anything funny or comical happened during the bootcamp this week?

I have found myself speaking more than I ever have before about Spanish gastronomy to my foreign classmates because I want them to have positive and authentic culinary experiences while they are here! Recently I took them to my favorite restaurant in all of Madrid called La Castela!

What is the most practical skill that you’ve learned thus far in the Bootcamp?

I like R and Python! These languages are very direct and intuitive as well as powerful and straight to the point! These will be lifesavers!

What do you like to do when you’re not in class?

I am a positive and curious person that loves to keep learning new things! My passions are music, cooking, history, enjoying friends family and kids! So whenever I have an opportunity to do an activity connected to those themes I try to take it!

What do you expect from the next nine weeks of the bootcamp?

I predict that there will be a lot of work work, fun moments, deep learning, nerves, laughs, collaboration, support, friendship, exhaustion, reward, and satisfaction.



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