Bootcamp Diary II

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Meet Willem

Introduce yourself in 140 characters or less

Hi there! My name is Willem Mulier, Belgian and passionate about data. When I started the 10-Week Bootcamp here in the beautiful city of Madrid, I had no idea how great this experience would be! I was impressed by my fellow Bootcampers, and after an orientation weekend in Segovia, we were ready to rock and roll! It is week three already, and we are still going strong.

What was your favorite part of this week at Bootcamp?

What makes this Bootcamp really worth it is the opportunities you will get to meet interesting people and organisations that are all about Data Science. On Tuesday we visited the SAP offices here in Madrid. We were informed about their organisation, and we had a session on Data viz and Machine Learning. On Wednesday we had our first master session with Carlos Herrera from Cabify. We will be working together with Carlos a few times during the duration of the Bootcamp and we cannot wait for the next session with him!    

Company visit at SAP Madrid

What was the hardest part of this week at Bootcamp?

We had a busy schedule this week but I loved every hour, minute and second spent on learning everything about R and Python. The Bootcampers are all in this together and we keep on making progress. We are getting more comfortable with both programs and reflecting on these past three weeks; it is amazing of how much is achievable in such a short period of time!

SAP Digital Boardroom

Thumbs up for Data Science!

Enjoying tapas with the Bootcampers.

The Bootcamp is very intense, so we don’t get much free time. But occasionally on a Friday or Saturday night, we might go for some tapas and have a few drinks.

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