Learning Data Science in a business-oriented context | Bootcamp Diary by Isaque Campinho

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My name is Isaque Campinho. I’m from Portugal and I’ve spent most of my professional career in the finance field as a financial controller. A year ago, I got the opportunity to start working as an e-commerce business analyst, and right away I understood that I needed to acquire new skills to help me more quickly and accurately manage, manipulate and extract value from the enormous amount of data we collect every day.

When I was looking for a program, in addition to their good reputation, I found that the Data Science Bootcamp at IE was the most complete business-oriented one out there. I also liked that the program was short.

During these seven weeks of Bootcamp, the work has been intense. We’ve already learned so much, from Python to math and statistics. I did not have previous experience in coding, which made this journey even more challenging. However, the faculty is doing their best to ensure everyone can get the most out of the courses. Everything I have learned at IE has already allowed me to make changes in my everyday work.

Recently, we were challenged to solve an authentic business problem—my group will be working with investing.com. It will be a great opportunity to interact with real data and to put into practice what we’ve learned during the Bootcamp. It will also give us the responsibility and the motivation to do our best to deliver a valuable outcome.

IE has a great learning environment, providing excellent student support throughout the experience. The entire faculty is very friendly and incredibly helpful. IE provides us with all the information and attention we need to guarantee that we’re involved and focused—allowing us to take maximum advantage of this experience.

Overall, my time with IE has been very positive. This Bootcamp is a fantastic choice for those looking to transition into a data science role. It has been well worth the investment and hard work I’m putting in.

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