The learning journey should never stop | Bootcamp Diary by Penelope Resulta

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I had not stepped into a classroom as a student since I graduated college six years ago. After having already spent more than half my life in school, this was the last place I thought I’d find myself. But I must admit, being back has been the most gratifying and, might I add, stressful experience I have ever had.

My name is Penelope and, little did I know, this Bootcamp was just what I needed. Being able to learn a million new things a day is overwhelming but also very satisfying. Not only have I learned Python, R, SQL, and statistics from scratch, but I’ve also realized the learning journey should never stop.

We are now in week 10 of the Bootcamp, which means D-Day (Demo Day) is just a couple of nights’ sleep away. The stress levels and pressure are definitely at an all-time high as every group is making sure their projects are finished and presentable for the big day. Despite it being a stressful time, when you take a step back and look at how much we’ve been able to learn and put into practice to complete our projects, it’s astounding.

This Bootcamp has been nothing but intense and there have been countless times when I’ve questioned my level of intelligence. Overall, though, I have proven to myself how resilient I can be when it comes to overcoming challenges. With technology advancing and improving every day, you have to quickly learn how to operate it. I highly recommend this program to anyone up for the challenge. They will be amazed at how much they can learn about data science in such a short time!

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