Women in Tech Event Recap

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The IE Big Data club held an event on June 13th to honor women in the tech industry. Several strong female industry leaders gave presentations where they reflected on their careers and their work to bridge the gender gap in their respective companies. They discussed the progress they’ve noted, as well as the progress that they would like to see.

Among the topics discussed by the all-star panel at this event were how to confront loaded questions about maternity and femininity, empowering women to say: “I’m not going to answer this question.”

Additionally, they spoke about how there is now a crucial need for diversity and inclusivity within the ranks of programmers working with AI in order to prevent the AI from making embarrassing mistakes due to their subtly programmed biasses. AI in facial recognition and translation have had lapses in judgment that could have easily been avoided if the demographics of their programmers had more diversity.

The speakers gave their audience valuable insight on how the tech industry has changed and how to have a positive and lasting impact in this field.

Among the group of professional Women in Tech was Juana Fernandez from EY, Cristina Aranda of Mujeres Tech, Clarissa Watson from Alto Data Analytics & Concepcion Labra of Koderio & Linkedin Learning.

The IE Data Science Bootcamp prides itself on having an even representation of men and women in its ranks. To encourage women to take a deep dive into this world with us, we are currently offering two scholarships for women in data! The IE Data Science Bootcamp team is proud to support these educational gatherings where Madrid’s top talent can share their wealth of knowledge with our community and the public.


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